Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Great Christmas Tree Tour: Teryl Oswald

My local RWA chapter had our Christmas party at the home of Teryl Oswald. The theme of the party was a Dickens Christmas, so Terry's tree had a Victorian flair. It sits in the spacious corner of her living room with full sun, and the ornaments sparkle and shine.

These red ornaments were hand-made with bead pins.

The glass birds are lovely.

Love? Money? Career? Family?

Three handsome men want something different from Amanda Cash. Which one is not using her for personal gain?

An anonymous lottery winner decides to give away a two-hundred-million-dollar jackpot. Failed entrepreneur, Amanda Cash, age thirty-seven, is tapped by the winner to select deserving persons to receive the windfall. If the benefactor agrees with her choices, she will be awarded a million-dollar ‘finder’s fee,’ more than enough money to fund her mother’s risky heart transplant.

Complicating matters, Amanda must decide whether to have a baby for her husband and his gay lover, while she’s being wooed by two other men. One suitor, an overly-attentive attorney with a secret need for a fortune, is assigned to help Amanda remain anonymous in her quest. The second man, an undercover reporter, will do anything for the scoop of the century.