Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Stand in the Sun - Elle Stephens

Coming home was never the plan.

Lexy Cartwright has managed her social anxiety just fine since leaving her small hometown. But when she loses her job and moves back in with her mother, she finds it the same as the day she left: same places, same gossip, same panic-inducing people. Realizing it might be the only way to get her meddling mother off her case, she agrees to one tiny blind date. After all, how hard could an hour in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon be?

Smart, handsome, Simon Barnes, was the town’s most eligible bachelor, and Lexy’s high school crush. How was she to know he’d secretly had a crush on her too? Now, Lexy must choose between her secluded and safe lifestyle and navigating the relationship minefields to find the love, friendship, and family that she has locked out for so long.

"Emotional, smart, and at times laugh-out-loud funny"

"Elle Stephens takes troubled yet lovable characters through realistic issues with charm and wit. A thoroughly enjoyable read. Treat yourself to this story.             - Cheryl St.John

STAND IN THE SUN print is on sale for $5.69. 

That's a 53% savings.


ebook also available


Elle Stephens resides on a farm by a small town in North Central Kansas with her family and a myriad of animals.

Reading has always been an essential part of her life. She loves to write poems and journals and short stories. Now, in between taxiing her children to their various activities, and managing the family businesses with her husband, she writes contemporary women's fiction, romance novels, and fantasy.

Besides reading and writing, she enjoys several creative hobbies, including nature photography, drawing and painting, baking, gardening, and soap-making. She loves giving gifts and believes the best ones come from the heart. Whether a picture or a pan of cinnamon rolls, gifts made with love touch people in ways greater than anything purchased in a store.

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Chasing Dreams - Cheryl St.John

I planned this new release after Christmas while a lot of people are still home and enjoying their holiday and possibly their new eReaders. This is such a busy time of year, and in my family we have birthdays from November to January, multiplying the gift giving, the gatherings and the cakes.

 Working to be outside the norm, we celebrated my granddaughter's 13th birthday last evening with Buffalo Wild Wings and a cake created from donuts. (She's a Stranger Things fan, so that's why you might not recognize the decoration.) Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday, so I'll be whipping up her favorite angel food. We will do anything for family, won't we?

The same goes for my character, Shaine, who has lost her sister, but now believes her nephew is still alive. The things Shaine dreams come true--and she has been dreaming that little Jack is still alive. She searches out the only person who can help her--but he has made a life for himself that doesn't involve searching for missing people. She is determined to find her nephew, so what's a girl to do?

A tormented man driven to seclusion…

A relentless beauty who won’t take no for an answer…

Shaine Richards’ sister and nephew were in a car that went off a bridge into the river. Maggie’s body was the only one recovered. Searchers said Jack could have been snagged below or washed up anywhere. But when Shaine dreams of the toddler, he’s alive.

Therapists advise her to let go.

She’s tried to let go. But the dreams won’t let her.

Shaine knows Jack is alive and something terrible is about to happen to him.

The only man who can help her doesn’t want to be found—or involved. Austin Allen is a man who knows and sees more than most people will in their entire lifetimes. His mountain sanctuary is key to self-preservation. His gift holds the answers she needs. She must convince the enigmatic man to help before it’s too late.

But there’s another dark and mystifying complication...

Shaine has dreamed of Austin as well.

Two more birthdays next week, and on to New Years. Hubby and I plan to stay home and chill. I'll read a book! How about you?

You can get a copy of Chasing Dreams at your favorite retailer.


Saturday, December 03, 2022

Winter Wonderland Inn: Merry Mayweather

Come visit the Winter Wonderland Inn and get wrapped up in the holiday season.

This will be Noelle’s first Christmas alone with her younger sister Adrianna. When the manager of the Winter Wonderland Inn says she can bring her sister to work for the season, she knows it will be a holiday that will heal her sister's tender heart.

Kristopher, with a K, wants to sneeze every time he hears the jingle of holiday bells. The self-proclaimed grinch would prefer to stay in the comfort of his home and eat prepared meals until people settle down from the holiday madness. The only thing that can pull him out of his house is a phone call from an ailing uncle.

Kristopher's grumpy heart doesn't stand a chance when he joins forces with Noelle to make it a Christmas worth remembering. She's hoping the small town holiday season will bring him a gift he'll cherish long after the calendar page is turned.



If you are looking for a feel-good, happily ever after, small-town experience, I have a story for you. When I write my romance novels, the characters are inspired by the people I see on a day to day basis. Up here in what I like to call the far, far north, people work hard, live fiercely, and love knowing that they have a community behind them. When I'm not writing, I'm testing out an adventure that will end up in a book or trying a character's favorite recipe.

Monday, November 28, 2022

Christmas in the Air, sweet, small-town romance

What if you told your innermost secrets to a guy you assumed you’d never see again?

Penelope Reid owns a toy business, and meets an elusive, handsome stranger on a plane trip to Hilton Head Island. Along the way, she confesses her problems and fears, her aspirations, and unrealized goals, while she believes the man is only half-listening. She is a single mother in her late 40s, readjusting to her life after a difficult divorce, and raising a challenging twelve-year-old son.

Two months later, she comes into direct contact with Jacob Williams, the new pediatrician in town, and the man she met on the plane. Jacob knows many facts about her life. Will he use his knowledge to embarrass her, or pursue her?

As Jacob and Penelope get to know each other, Jacob relates his story—his poverty-stricken childhood, his mother’s disapproval when he left the family farm, and his recent job.

She is touched and impressed by his new goals to forego his ambitions and help people. And she is a bit envious he has decided what he wants and is going after it.

Things can only take a turn for the worse when their romance begins to develop, all under the disapproving eyes of her critical son and the small, inquisitive community who thought they knew her.

Her son is begging for a snuggly puppy for Christmas. But is he ready to assume the responsibility? And does Penelope have room in her heart for a new romance and an adorable puppy?

If you like sweet romance movies and books, then you’ll love Christmas in the Air, brimming with heartwarming holiday cheer.

A Happily-Ever-After is guaranteed.

Wrap yourself up in the uplifting joy of Christmas and fall in love with sweet, small-town romance. This is the sixth book in the beloved 1-800 home-flipping series.


Josie Riviera is a USA TODAY bestselling author of contemporary, inspirational, and historical sweet romances that read like Hallmark movies. She lives in the Charlotte, NC, area with her wonderfully supportive husband. They share their home with an adorable shih tzu, who constantly needs grooming, and live in an old house forever needing renovations.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Sealed With Courage: Laura Scott

Risking their hearts and their lives while protecting the innocent…

Will they find the kidnapped boy in time?

Sign language teacher Aubrey Clark feels responsible when ten-year-old Lucas goes missing. She’s determined to find her deaf student and knows more than she should from reading the lips of the man involved in the boy’s disappearance. Now she’s in the killer’s crosshairs too. Aubrey has little choice but to accept Navy SEAL Mason Gray’s protection, grateful for his help in searching for Lucas.

Mason’s last op as a Navy SEAL had gone sideways, leaving him deaf in one ear and hard of hearing in the other. But he’s not going to let his handicap prevent him and his K9 scent tracker, Bravo, from rescuing a deaf child. Mason has never balked at putting his life on the line for his country or to ensure the safety of women and children. But risking his heart? That wasn’t supposed to be part of the plan . . .

From USA Today Bestselling Author Laura Scott


Laura Scott and is a registered nurse by day and an author by night. She's written 55 books for Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense as well as several indie series - Crystal Lake, Lifeline Air Rescue, The McNallys and Security Specialists, Inc. Laura Lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her husband of 35 years.

Thursday, November 17, 2022

When Characters Don’t Do What the Author Planned by Lyn Cote

Whats the author to do? To think? Well, usually I smile because that means that my characters have become REAL. Once a reader said to me, You act like these characters are real.” And I said, Within the pages of the book, they are!”

If my characters do not behave like real people with minds of their own, I havent done my work right. And readers will shut the book sooner than later. -( I think it has to do with the working of my conscious and my unconscious mind not communicating till I’m actually writing!

Early in my writing career, I began a scene where are my heroine was to drive into town to visit her grandmother's grave at the cemetery. Imagine my surprise when she started driving toward the local nursing home to visit grandma. We wrestled with the steering wheel for a few moments and then I gave in. And she was right; grandma needed to be alive. She was a major mover in the story. But who knew? My heroine did.

For my latest story, Maviss Forever Christmas, I had provided a future hero for Mavis at the end of the previous book, Ellies Forever Family. But when I began to work on the new manuscript, Mavis rejected him. And insisted that she had someone different in mind. I was flummoxed. But I had learned by then just to give in to my character.

s Forever Christmas is part of a group series called 
Puppies for Christmas” novellas. Nine sweet romance authors wrote Christmas Novellas with puppies in them and we have released one a week from October 13 through the first week of December. 

(The stories are not connected —but each has a holiday romance and one puppy or more.) My book Maviss Forever Christmas comes out the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the 22nd. Here is the scoop.

Is falling in love only for the young?

Never married, Mavis, a retired college librarian, has made a new life for herself near her adopted” niece Ellie. Over a year ago, John lost his wife, who was Mavis's best friend for nearly forty years. He has spent the months traveling with his trailer, trying to figure out this new life. But when his only daughter Ellie faces complications with a difficult pregnancy, hes pulled back to her hometown.

Helping Ellie brings Mavis and John close once again, and new feelings and attractions spark. Maybe falling in love isnt just for the young, but is it right? Or is it a betrayal of his late wife and her best friend? By a Carol Award-winning author, this emotional, small town, family drama will touch your heart. And an adventurous little puppy will make you smile. Heres the link to click Only 99 cents.

BTW, Ellies Forever Family is half price $1.49 through Nov 30th. Click here for more info.

And I hope youll take a look at all these wonderful holiday canine stories! Click here for Ellie and here for all the puppies! Happy Thanksgiving!—Lyn Cote

Friday, November 11, 2022

When you spend Christmas in a castle, anything is possible.

Readers looking for a light, fun read full of holiday mischief will be delighted by Samantha Hastings' A Royal Christmas Quandary, perfect for fans of A Christmas Prince and The Crown.

 Lady Alexandrina Gailey is looking forward to a cozy holiday at Windsor Castle with her best friend, Princess Alice, and her long-time crush, Lord George Worthington. But Drina's plans are all but dashed when Alice's parents, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, declare that Alice must choose one of two royal princes to become engaged to before Christmas.

There's just one problem: George, a junior member of the Foreign Office, has accidentally misplaced one of the princes.

Together, Drina and George scour the town of Windsor for the missing prince, desperately hoping to deliver him to the royal dinner party with the queen none the wiser. They might just need a royal Christmas miracle to pull it off.


Praise for A Royal Christmas Quandary:

A delightful, romantic romp of a book—perfect for readers who like their holiday romance to come with a sprinkling of royal glamour." —Rosalyn Eves, author of Blood Rose Rebellion

"A delightful foray into the Victorian era, 
A Royal Christmas Quandary will charm readers from page one. With endearing characters, a sweet romance, and fascinating details about Queen Victoria and the royal family, this story is sure to become a new Christmas favorite." —Joanna Barker, author of Otherwise Engaged

exciting and romantic romp through Victorian England. ... A delicious blend of history, humor, and romance." —Esther Hatch, author of A Proper Scandal

Samantha Hastings met her husband in a turkey sandwich line. They live in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she spends most of her time reading, eating popcorn, having tea parties, and chasing her four kids. She has degrees from Brigham Young University, University of North Texas, and University of Reading (UK). She writes cozy murder mysteries under Samantha Larsen.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Christmas Story! Love at First Step by Terri Brisbin

When Gavin MacLeod visited his English friends at Silloth Keep for the Christmas holidays, he is drawn to the intrigue surrounding a woman, a harlot, who arrived without any explanation other than her trade. But in trying to learn her secrets, he begins to fall in love with a young woman who is kind and intelligent and in need of a hero.

Elizabeth was sold to a brothel by a greedy husband trying to rid himself of a barren wife. Seeking only a place where she can survive, she never dreams that she might find a new life—and a new love—when a Scottish warrior comes to visit.


USA TODAY Bestselling author Terri Brisbin is a mom, a wife, GRANDMOM and a dental hygienist (in her spare time!) who lives in southern New Jersey. Terri has sold more than 3 million copies of her historical and paranormal romance novels, novellas and short stories in more than 25 countries and 20 languages around the world.

A three-time RWA RITA® finalist and award-winning author, Terri has been published by Berkley/Jove, Harlequin, Kensington Books, NAL/Signet and SMP/Swerve. Her new books will be published by Oliver Heber Books and soon by Dragonblade Publishing, too. In addition to working on more historical romances scheduled for release through 2024, she has re-published her earlier books!

Wednesday, November 09, 2022

3 Regency Christmas Romances!

An invitation to…Three seasonal, Society parties!

In Invitation to a Wedding by Annie Burrows, Clara’s immersed in a glamorous aristocratic wedding, but it’s captivating Lieutenant Hugo who sweeps her off her feet.

In Snowbound with the Earl by Lara Temple, Bella makes an unlikely ally of forbidding Lord Deverill to thwart an elopement – and gets stranded with him for Christmas!

In A Kiss at the Winter Ball l by Joanna Johnson, Maria’s rescued from a snowstorm by Viscount Stanford, and receives a life-changing invitation…


Tuesday, November 01, 2022

RELEASE DAY - Christmas Promises Anthology - 3 Holiday Stories

 Three novellas for your Christmas reading pleasure...

The Baby Contract--Cheryl St.John
She thought she knew what she was looking for…
until what she was looking for found her
She wants a baby. Piper Newport has made up her mind. It has always been only her and her Grandad, and she’s determined to have a family like others she sees in Pearl’s CafĂ© where she works. One little problem. There’s no man in the picture. She’s determined to find one, and it becomes increasingly clear—her closest friend is the best choice.
Kipp Hudson is an outdoor guy. A good son and brother. A fun-loving uncle to his niece and nephew. He owns and operates Hudson Outdoor Gear and is an avid camper and hunter. Kipp won’t damage his friendship with the petite blond waitress so he doesn’t wear his heart on his plaid flannel sleeve...but it beats for her.

The Eve Before Christmas--Bernadette Jones
Dreams can come true, on the eve before Christmas.
After taking a permanent position in Spencer, successful doctor Mitch Smith realizes there’s something missing. But with long hours in the ER, there’s no time left in his day to go looking. Frozen pipes in his new home, combined with a town crowded by the Christmas Festival, lead him to the last available motel room. He discovers his destiny waiting behind the reception desk.
Unwanted since the day she was born, Norma is rejected once again. Pregnant, she vows her baby will never feel unloved. Trying to make ends meet in Spencer leaves her exhausted and struggling. Until the holiday season brings more than a snowstorm. The support of a good man could change her life forever. Can she trust her emotions and allow the kindness of a stranger turn into an everlasting love?

A Perfect Snow Globe Christmas--*lizzie starr
Is there such a thing as a perfect Christmas?

To avoid a bleak holiday, Priscilla Van arrives at Spencer ready to start her new job. Little did she know, she'd end up helping with the Barlow triplets. Or that she'd find meaning and acceptance in a snowy Colorado town
A successful author and nanny (don't you dare call him a manny) to three adorable babies, Oakley Fifer has promised his fans a Christmas story. But he has no inspiration. Until the new Stick Pony Camp chef arrives early. The reserved woman ignites a wealth of ideas, and not just for his stories. Alone, neither expects much from the holiday, but together? It may just turn out to be perfect.

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