Thursday, December 08, 2011

Great Christmas Tree Tour: Barb Hunt

Mom and I moved the middle of November, and after loading all the tubs marked for Christmas in the truck, my nephew Dan, asked  "Aunt Barb, is this really all Christmas stuff?" ,Alas, yes we could probably open our own Christmas Shop.  But those tubs are full of love and cherished memories.



Once all the afore mentioned tubs were found and stacked in the living room, the fun really began.  Where to put everything? The tree moved around from place to place in the loving room, like we were playing chess - until the best place was, of course, the first place.  

Santas on the mantle, but this year Mom isn't putting out her village.  Instead the snowmen are front and center on the hearth.


It's the same tree, same lights and the same ornaments, but  it always amazes me how unique our tree is from years past.  The same, but different.  Before I go to bed I love turn off all the lights and sit with just the soft glow from the lights on the tree.  In that quiet peaceful time the gift of love God gave all of us on that night so long ago, envelops me and everything is right with the world.


Merry Christmas to one and all!


  1. So pretty!!
    Charlene Sands

  2. Besides being pretty, it looks so calm and peaceful--I think I want to go there!:)