Saturday, December 24, 2011

Great Christmas Tree Tour: Rachel Short

Cheryl, I read your article about your Christmas trees in the Simply Books magazine and wanted to share my tree and its history with you.  I would have gotten it in sooner but have been so busy getting ready for Christmas, I have a really large family and it takes a lot of shopping.
I have several small trees with different themes, teapots and Santas but my big tree in the family room has handmade ornaments made over the last 45 years by my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and myself.  Our annual ornament making day is the biggest family gathering that we have besides Christmas eve.  I do have some bought ones that friends have given me but most of them are handmade.  I have special bells crocheted by my Grandma years ago.  This year we had 20 of us making ornaments that would go on 15 trees.  I love decorating my tree with all the memories of making all of the ornaments.
Thank you for sharing your tree and your lovely tradition, Rachel. Christmas blessings to you!

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