Monday, December 19, 2011

Great Christmas Tree Tour: More Trees from Chris

I only know one person with more Christmas stuff than me. Chris has a couple of trees that stay up all year long. 

Chris says:
I have this little tree up all year long.  I change the ornaments on it for the seasons or holidays. I just love it!

You can tell me to stop whenever you want to!  


This antique feather tree stays up all year also.  I don't know how old it is but it has real feathers and I tried to find old ornaments to put on it.  My mom, a collector also, talked me into buying it 10 -15 years ago at a flea market in PA.  She has a very good eye for valuable stuff.  I have it in my dining room also.  We bought our real tree today and plan to decorate it tomorrow.  We usually just put all kind of ornaments on it with lots of color.  I don't really like a one or two color fancy tree for our family tree.  I like to make it personal with things we have collected over the years and the ornaments remind me of places we visited or lived.

I wanted you to see one of my most favorite yard sale finds ever!  I bought these at a yard sale across the street from my mom's house.  They are old Western Germany candy containers.  They open at the belly and you put candy inside.  I love them and I paid...... .50 cents each!  I saw them from across the table in the garage and my heart pounded like willd until I had them in my hands!  I couldn't believe what a find.

The scene has a vintage looking tv with Snoopy inside.  It lights up, plays music, and the tree and figures turn when you turn the knob. My step mom gave it to me for Christmas last year.  She is very good at finding cool Snoopy stuff I like!   All of the other items are 1940-1960.  The snowman sax player is another candy container.
I am having such fun opening up all my stuff that I have been hauling around for so many years.  This is the first time we aren't planning on moving in 2-3 years so I have been unpacking lots of boxes instead of just leaving it all packed up and waiting for our next move.

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