Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Great Christmas Tree Tour: Cousin Diana

The amazing thing about my cousin Diana's trees is that all the ornaments are hand-made--by her. She is one of those incredibly talented people who can do it all. She knits and crochets and paints and beads--and she doesn't only excel at crafty things. She has researched our family tree. She's a number whiz and has trivia stored in her brain that is, well, scary. Her sister, my cousin Carol, and I used to team up against her at Trivial Pursuit and, two against one, she still kicked our buns. And you can't even hate her because she's such a sweetheart. lol

This is the tree in her foyer:

And here's her living room tree. I am thrilled to own several beaded glass ornaments she made for me. I hang them on my Victorian tree.

Thanks for sharing again this year, Diana! HUGS!


  1. Beautiful. I have no idea why I have no one in my family who can make such beautiful ornaments. In fact, I got short-changed all the way around. While my friends have children who are doctors and dentists, mine just learned to tie their own shoes. *lol* I love them anyhow. :)