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Taming the Texan by Charlene Sands

I found Charlene's new book at Walmart yesterday!

Harlequin Historical March 2008
ISBN: 9780373294879 (#887)


Clint Hayworth had returned to the Double H to find his father's too-young, too-attractive widow in charge. The woman had to be a gold digger—so why couldn't Clint stop thinking about her?

Tess Morgan-Hayworth couldn't sit by and watch the ranch be destroyed. It was the only place she'd ever felt safe. So she would have to face up to this stubborn, hardheaded, gorgeous Texan, and tame him….

But Tess wasn't sure she could hold out against the sexy cowboy for long!


Paula Abdul, Dance Like There's No Tomorrow

Here you go, Betsy.

Paula Abdul Scat Cat

And just for fun:

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AMERICAN IDOL Feb 27th: The Girls

The girls made it really difficult to vote. One of Dial Idols great new features is that you can either vote to keep contestants safe or vote to make them unsafe. I liked that, because last night I picked my two I thought should go and voted to make them UNSAFE. In that case, the dialer calculates who's getting the most votes and votes to keep all your people except the two you're rejecting safe - so if one of them has a minimal number of votes, it will vote for them the most. Most of my favorites were already favorites, so it voted for three underdogs but not the two I didn't want to stay.

With the girls it was much more difficult. Nobody blew me away. No one stood out. One or two did much better than last week, but still can't hold a candle to the guys.

Here's my overview:
Carly Smithson, my early favorite is married. She and her hubby own a tatoo shop, but she works around the corner at an Irish pub. (She's Irish.) She sang a Heart song, Crazy on You that she'd always wanted to sing. Besides the weird nose crinkle, she bounces her boobs while she sings. She was good in comparison to everyone else.
Randy: sone problems, but all right
Paula: amazing
Simon: incredible singer, none can touch her vocally, but she has yet to choose that one great song.

Syesha Mercado does local commercials in Miami and can mimic a crying baby. She sang Me and MISTER Jones, a weird little twist. Not terrible, but I wasn't that impressed.
Randy: song choice not that great
Simon: song not written for a girl
Brooke White went to beauty school and dropped out to sing. She played her guitar and sang You're So Vain in exactly the same way Carly Simon sang it. It was very good. I wasn't wowed, but the judges liked it and liked the song choice.
Simon: absolutely loved it, perfect song for her, the reason they put her through

Ramiele Malubay, my favorite by far last week can do Polynesian dancing. She sang Don't Leave Me This Way which didn't show off her voice AT ALL. She's too cute for the unflattering outfit. She was good. I wasn't wowed, but she was still better than plenty of the others.
Randy: not a great song
Paula: ditto, but truly amazing vocals
Simon agreed with Paula - better than last week. (what?) "I think you're terrific, one of the top three, but not with that song."

Kristy Lee Cook is a tomboy who rides horses. Maybe that accounts for why she stands with her legs spread so far apart. It's distracting and unattractive and unladylike. Though she didn't do the weird eye thing and she sounded MUCH better than last week, does she have to do the splits while she sings?
Randy: 100% improvement
Paula: you're back, good song choice
Simon: huge improvement, potential

Amanda Overmyer, the rocker, is a bookworm. She sang Wayward Son, a Kansas song. I LOVED her pants! Way cool. I hated her hair--awful.
Randy: too much melody for a bluesy girl
Paula: thinks Amanda can DANCE! brilliant artist, not on the verse, not the right song
Simon: contrived, terrible hair, ugly song

I was disappointed in Amanda.

Alaina Whitaker, the youngest doesn't like her food to touch on her plate. She sang Hopelessly Devoted, and did a pretty good job of it, except that she bombed on the low notes. She didn't finish with Olivia's signature high note either.
Randy: not a good song
Paula: real good job
Simon: likes her, but thinks her grandmotehr prepared her, it was pageant-y, but he likes her more than he did a couple weeks ago

Alexandrea Lushington ws a poster girl for the Atlanta Fire Dept and once sang at ground zero. She sabe Please Don't Go in a hideous outfit of cargo short and ankle high heel boots with a hoodie vest. She just just all right.
Randy: made it her own, impressed from day one
Simon: big fan early on, she's struggling now, song is stuck in its time period, she was inconsistent, the performance was boring. Simon thought she looked great!

Kady Malloy, the imitator sings opera-style in the bathroom. Great dress and leggings. Sang I'm a Magic Man by Heart, unfamiliar to me, and she's a good performer. It was okay.
Randy: notes didn't work
Paula: low notes not good, but power notes were great
Simon: find the right song; he's struggling to get an impression - she's good on the films and when she imitates but not in the performance; her song didn't go anywhere

By the time Asia'h Epperson sang, I was still waiting to be blown away, but the cheerleader didn't do it for me. She had long straight hair extensions that she played with. The Celine song was way too big for her raspy voice. Not good imho.
Randy: the ending brought it home
Paula: agreed
Simon: it's one of the top divas songs of all time and she's not a diva; not that good of a singer, the song showed her up, was a silly decision. I agreed.
So, the girls just aren't cutting it.
Last night I voted to make Luke and Robbie unsafe.
Like I said, this was a more difficult decision. No one stuck out as great. Tonight I'm voting to keep Alexandrea and Asia'h unsafe. Even though the others weren't great, they were better, and it all comes down to comparisons.

Tomorrow night we'll see who gets the cut.

Oh, and entirely off the subject, Paula (or her wardrobe person) was so wise to select that huge necklace for her low-cut top. She has the most unattractive cleavage and shouldn't wear things that show it.

tag meme

Robyn tagged me with this meme. Just so you know, I never do these, so only for you.

1. What is the one BIG goal you hope to accomplish this week?
Not respond to another one of these memes.

2. What is the one household chore you do NOT like to do?
Iron the dishes.

3. What would you buy if someone gave you $2,000.00? (all debts and bills paid)
A really BIG box of Russell Stovers.

4. Describe yourself using one word.

5. What is the one saying or theme that you live by?
Life is like a box of chocolates.

6. What is one household item you can’t live without?
It flushes.

7. If you had one chance to go any where in the world where would you go?
Hershey, Pennsylvania

8. List the one person you admire the most.
His name is Earl.

9. What is one thing people may not know about you?
My nails are sea green this week.


It was Seventies night. I love when they do 60s and 70s cause that's my favorite music. My opinions were shattered and twisted this week, oh my goodness. From my first predictions, through their beginning night until now, well, I wasn't prepared.

Michael Johns, songwriter, plays in tennis tournaments. Wore and orange 70s style T-shirt and sang Go Your Own Way, a Fleetwood Mac song. The crowd liked him. I like his eyebrow lift when he waits for the judges. Jay liked the tone of his voice. I wasn't wowed. I thought it was just okay. Simon said it was his weakest performance yet.

Jason Castro, my favorite from last week. Hates interviews and seems uncomfortable with speaking before the cameras. He played guitar and sang I Just Wanna be Your Everything and did his own thing. I wanted to love it because he's so cute and has that killer John Travolta smile. It was only okay for me.

Randy didn't think the vocals were great, Paula suggested next week no guitar, Simon called it schmaltzy, out of sorts and said he chose an average song. I knew he needed to step it up, but after hearing the others this night, I KNOW he has to seriously step it up or he's gone. Jason can't complete with David Hernandez or David Archuleta.

Luke Menard has been singing in an acapeela group for a few years. he sang a song I think was alled Anytime, but I didn't recognize it. It was a difficult song and he did okay. Vocally, it was better than last week, but he's just not the calibur of these other guys. Ryan made a Dawson's Creek joke, so I'm guessing he looks like someone on that show? Luke gets my vote for the boot.

I liked Robbie Carrico this week. he drag races, and he sang a song I love - Hot Blooded (Foreigner) and while it was okay, Paula said he played it safe and Simon said it was okay, he can't hold a candle to the other voices and performances.
Robbie gets my vote to go buh-bye this week.

Danny Noriega, who makes me want to puke when he talks was in a punk rock band in 8th grade. It PAINS me to say this, but he sang a Carpenter's Song (no comment) and I have to admit he sang it well. He has a nice voice. Pauls said he looks good on camera, and Simon said he's interesting, but he tried too hard.

My first WOW of the night was David Hernadez. Dance Wars watchers have heard Papa Was a Rolling Stone repeatedly, so at first I wasn't impressed with his song choice, but he does a great performance and has a GREAT voice! David kicked butt with that song.
Randy: Hot!
Paula: pure voice, amazing notes, perfect
Simon: best vocal of the night so far. Simon said he wasn't a fan at first, but he's ready to raise up his hands and say, "I'm a fan."

Jason Yeager was okay for me. He playes piano and drums. He sang a Doobie Brothers song, Without Love and did better than last week.
Randy: pitchy, not a great song
Paula: saw a fun side, but song didn't show vocal range
Simon: last week was boring, this week was awkward and ordinary

Last week I was irate that Colton the Cutie left and Cheezi stayed. Here it comes, are you ready? I was wrong. Chikezie is a Nigerian name with a beautiful meaning which I can't remember. He ditched the suit and should have ditched the polo shirt, too, but it was better, and he sang I Believe to My Soul, and it was very well done, well performed with energy, and his voice is excellent.
Randy: Blazin', you're back
Paula: clever, brilliant and fun. Chikezie also scored points from Randy for picking a song made famous by Donny Hathaway, the father of one of the "Idol" backup singers.
Simon: looked better, sounded a million times better, clever choice of song
In the song, he sang, "my name is Chikezie."

David Cook is a word nerd and loves crossword puzzles. he played the guitar and sang All Right Now, and he rocked the house. LOVED his voice!
Randy: real rocker, smart song choice
Paula: the real deal, ya got it, smart, fun, relevant
Simon: solid, but the crossword film was boring compared to drag racing etc., not a lot of charisma.

Crosswords may not be as exciting as drag racing, but this David's performance beat the drag racer's (Robbie's) hands down.
And last, which was a very good thing, because who would have wanted to follow???
David Archuleta. Hang on to your socks. I held my breath while David performed this beautiful rendition of John Lennon's Imagine.

The way I always judge my top favorites is whether or not I will buy an album when one is released. I would buy David's.

I won't tell you any more because words aren't adequate.
Listen to the song and the judges comments in the post below this one.

AMERICAN IDOL: Blown Away by David Archuleta

Simon said, "You're the one to beat."

I help my breath as he sang John Lennon's, Imagine. It's a good thing he was last, or no one else would have wanted to follow. Listen for yourself--and remember--he's SEVENTEEN years old!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Missing Any Books?

Below is a list of my books. If you're missing any, list them in a comment.
I located a few out of print books and will do my best to send out a few to the first people who post what they need.

Cheryl St.John Book List

A Western Winter Wonderland
Anthology Novella: “A Family for Christmas”
Harlequin Historical ~ 10/07 ISBN #0-373-29467-0

The Preacher’s Daughter
Harlequin Historical ~ 6/07 ISBN #0-373-29451-4

“Cheryl is keeping the flame of western romance alive almost single-handedly!”

~ All About Romance

“An honest journey with amazing characters.”

~ The Good, The Bad, and The Unread

The Lawman’s Bride
Harlequin Historical ~ 2/07 ISBN #0-373-29435-0

“…gives hope for the subgenre that exemplifies everything good about romance..”

~ The Romance Reader

Wed Under Western Skies Anthology Novella: “Almost A Bride”
Harlequin Historical ~ 7/06 ISBN #0-373-29399-2

“….it’s no wonder she’s a favorite among so many readers!”

~ Once Upon A Romance

“…will truly make you wish you were the blushing bride.”

~ Romantic Times

The Bounty Hunter
Montana Mavericks Historical ~ 9/05 ISBN #0-373-81121-7

St.John packs and delivers with her uniquely satisfying style.”

~ Once Upon A Romance

“… an emotion-charged romance!”

~ A Romance Review

His Secondhand Wife
Harlequin Historical ~ 7/05 ~ISBN #0-373-29360-7

“Run, don’t walk to your nearest bookstore!”

~ Laurie Likes Books Blog

“…reminiscent of LaVyrle Spencer and Lorraine Heath…another knockout novel!”

~ A Romance Review

“Cheryl St.John has proven that she’s not only one of the very best writers in the romance genre, she’s also one of its strongest and most unique voices.”
~ Barnes& reader

Million-Dollar Makeover
Silhouette Montana Mavericks ~ 6/05 ~ ISBN #0-373-24688-9

“…a cross between Lucille Ball and Julia Roberts, Lisa is captivating!”

~ A Romance Review

“…clever sense of humor and complex characters.”

~ Romance Junkies

Prairie Wife
Harlequin Historical ~ 2/05 ~ ISBN #0-373-29339-9

“…courageously executed by the author and her publisher…”

~ Romantic Times Magazine

“…touched my heart from beginning to end.”


“St. John never disappoints!”

~ Holly, reader

Child of Her Heart
Silhouette Logan’s Legacy ~ 12/04 ~ ISBN #0-373-61390-3

“St.John is a master at writing about difficult subject matters.”


“was hooked from beginning to end.”

~ Brenda, reader

Charlie’s Angels
Silhouette Special Edition ~ 8/04 ~ ISBN #0-373-61390-3

“Endearing characters..”

~ Rendezvous Magazine

“Sizzles with tension!”

~ CataReview

The Tenderfoot Bride
Harlequin Historical ~ 11/03 ~ ISBN #0-373-29279-1

“…not only a must-read, but a keeper as well.”

~ Writer’s Unlimited

“One of the most tender romances I’ve read in a long time…”

~The Romance Reader

“Cheryl St.John has a storytelling range unequaled in the romance genre.”

~ author, Susan Fox,

Marry Me…Again
Silhouette Special Edition ~ 8/03 ~ ISBN #0-373-24558-0

“Endearing and passionate….St.John is in her element and shines…”

~ Writer’s Unlimited

Christmas Gold Anthology Novella: “Colorado Wife”
Harlequin Historical ~ 10/02 ~ ISBN #0-373-29227-9

“ a heart-warming story…:

~ Reader To reader Reviews

“sparkles with fun and romance,…”

~ Romance Reviews Today

Nick All Night
Silhouette Special Edition ~ 6/02 ~ ISBN #0-373-24475

“For readers who miss LaVyrle Spencer…”

~ All About Romance

“…has won a spot on my keeper shelf!”

~ Escape To Romance Reviews

The Gunslinger’s Bride
Harlequin Historical Montana Mavericks Single Title 9/01 ~ ISBN #0-373-29177-9

“Told in St.John’s sensitive and sensuously exciting style.”

~ Romance Reader’s Connection

“Characters jump right out of the book.”

~ Reader To Reader Reviews

The Magnificent Seven
Silhouette Montana Mavericks, Wed In Whitehorn ~ 3/01 ~ ISBN #0-373-65055-8
Winner of Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award

4 ½ Stars! ~ “….characters that dazzle….”

~ Romantic Times

“Cheryl St.John is one author I can’t resist….”

~ Reader To Reader Reviews

“In the tradition of LaVyrle Spencer and Stephanie Mittman, Cheryl St.John will endear readers with her heart-warming Americana romance.”
~ Patricia Rouse, Romantic Times Personal Keepers Columnist

Sweet Annie
Harlequin Historical ~ 2/01 ~ ISBN #0-373-29148-5
Winner Romantic Times K.I.S.S. Hero Award

“…a tale brimming with fascinating characters…”

~ Heart Rate Reviews

“…an enriching and heartfelt read….”

~Sime~Gen Reviews

Big Sky Brides Anthology Novella: “Isabelle”
Silhouette’s Montana Mavericks ~ 3/00 ~ ISBN #0-373-48381-3

“…my favorite of the three is Cheryl St.John’s tale…”

~ Wichita Times Record News

“Once again Ms. St.John touches her readers with a beautiful love story.”

~ Under The Covers

The Doctor’s Wife
Harlequin Historical ~ 10/99 ~ ISBN #0-373-29081-0 ~


“This touching story will give you a lump in your throat.”

~ Romantic Leads, Halifax Chronicle-Herald

“…a flair for storytelling that can’t be beat.”

~ Reader To Reader Reviews

“….an unforgettable love story.”

~ Calico Trails

Joe’s Wife
Harlequin Historical ~ 4/99 ~ ISBN #0-373-29051-9

“St.John proves again why she is one of the romance world’s favorite authors.”

~ Wichita Times Record News

“…strong emotional scenes in a style reminiscent of LaVyrle Spencer.”

~ Romantic Leads, Halifax Chronicle-Herald

For This Week I Thee Wed
Harlequin Duets ~ 7/99 ~ ISBN #-373-44072-3

5 Stars!
~ Sime-Gen Reviews

“Cheryl St.John has a marvelous flair for storytelling.”

~ Reader To Reader Reviews

“…made me laugh out loud!”

~ Under The Covers Book Reviews

“…historical, comedy or drama, Cheryl St.John has a marvelous flair for storytelling.”
~ Reader To Reader Reviews

The Mistaken Widow
Harlequin Historical ~ 9/98 ~ ISBN #0-373-29029-2

“The tension simmers relentlessly.”

~ Library Journal

“All the senses spring to life….a work of timeless romance.”

~ Reader To Reader Reviews

“Masterful at weaving an ironic twist of fate into a tension-filled page turner.”

~ Calico Trails

“With a few brush strokes, this author captures place, character, moment.
What a marvelous style!” ~ Loretta Chase, author of The Lion’s Daughter

The Truth About Toby

Silhouette Intimate Moments #810 ~ 9/97 ~ ISBN#0-373-07810-2
Winner 1997 Under The Covers Reader Favorites Award, Contemporary Series
Winner 1998 Write Touch Readers’ Award, Best Long Contemporary

“…one of the most exciting books to hit the shelves!”

~ The Literary Times

A Husband By Any Other Name
Silhouette Intimate Moments #756 ~ 12/96 ~ ISBN#0-373-07756-4

"Cheryl St.John makes the leap from historical to contemporary with stunning excellence."

~ Romantic Times

“…riveting and packed with emotion...”

~ The Write Connection

“…characters so alive they seem to step off the page.”

~ Under The Covers Book Reviews

Badlands Bride
Harlequin Historical Single Title ~ 7/96 ~ ISBN#0-373-28927-8

" exciting western romance that brings the Badlands to life."

~ Affaire de Coeur

“…another book to treasure…the pages all but turn themselves.”

~ Under The Covers Book Reviews

Saint or Sinner
Harlequin Historical ~ 10/95 ~ ISBN#0-373-28888-3

...reminiscent of LaVyrle Spencer's early work.

~ Romantic Times

"More than a love story...another addition to my permanent collection."

~ Rendezvous

“Cheryl St.John’s mastery of historicals is complimented by her way with contemporary novels.” ~ Harriet Klausner, Top 100 Reviewer

Land of Dreams
Harlequin Historical ~ 4/95 ~ ISBN#0-373-28865-4
Nominated for Romantic Times’ Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Western Historical

"...pleasures the reader long after the last page is turned." Gold 5

~ Heartland Critiques

"...a homespun charmer that tugs at your heartstrings."

~ author, Suzannah Davis

Heaven Can Wait
Harlequin Historical ~ 10/94 ~ ISBN#0-373-28840-9
Nominated for Best Overall Historical, 1994 by Affaire de Coeur

"...a fantastic piece of Americana….a rising new talent with a bright future.”

~ Affaire de Coeur

“…well developed characters combined with a stirring plot.”

~ reader

Rain Shadow
Harlequin Historical ~ 3/94 ~ ISBN#0-373-28812-3
Nominated for RWA's RITA Award for Best First Book
Nominated by Affaire de Coeur readers for Best American Historical Romance
Nominated for Romantic Times’ Reviewers Choice Award, Best Western Historical

"...a wonderful, unique western romance that widens the horizons of the genre."

~ Romantic Times

Heather Locklear Flirts With Romance

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Heather Locklear is reuniting with Lifetime for a holiday-themed original movie tentatively titled "Flirting With 40."

"Flirting," based on the Jane Porter novel, is described as a lighthearted and poignant story about a divorced mother of two (Locklear) who, while on vacation on the brink of her 40th birthday, becomes romantically involved with a much younger man and learns that life can begin at 40.

Locklear starred in Lifetime's "Nora Roberts' Angels Fall," the network's most-watched original movie of 2007 with nearly 5 million viewers.

"It's obvious that our viewers adore her," said Tanya Lopez, senior vice president original movies at Lifetime Networks. "This movie is an honest look at how sometimes women can become stuck in first gear, yet finding the courage to make a dramatic change in their lives can truly be invigorating, even to the chagrin of friends and family."

"Flirting," set to premiere in December, was written by Julia Dahl ("The West Wing").

Monday, February 25, 2008

Have some fun today!

This video just makes me laugh. I need to show it to Kristin and she'll see why I fell out of my chair laughing at the theater when we went to see Music and Lyrics. Look, Brittany, Cyndi has all her clothes on--and for the time, they were outrageous!

Frontier Courtship by Valerie Hansen

March 2008
Love Inspired Historical
ISBN 978-0-373-82784-8

She had made a solemn promise to see her younger sister to safety in California. But the endless journey across the frontier was proving a heartbreaking test of courage and endurance for Faith Beal. All she had to sustain her was her steadfast belief in God - and the guiding hand of a stranger who truly seemed heaven-sent.
Connell McClain was her selfless guardian as their wagon train slowly made its way west. And as they shared the dangers of the trail and the closeness of the wagon camp, Faith felt the first tender stirrings of love for this roughhewn yet caring man. But would the secrets that seemed to haunt him threaten their feelings for one another?

Frontier Courtship (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historical #4)
Valerie guest blogged for us at Petticoats and Pistols over the weekend, and she's a delightful lady. I'm looking forward to this book.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Charm bracelets

In case you missed this pic when I blogged at P&P about my collections, this is two of my charm bracelets. I scanned them with black fabric over the top. Many of the charms I've had since I was a young girl, and I've collected more over the years. My chapter now gives charms for achievements so I've started a third and fourth.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Regularity is the secret. I write five pages every morning and then go
down to the store. If I stick to that schedule I write quite easily and
I can get through the day without feeling guilty.
--Larry McMurtry

Coming Soon

Thursday, February 21, 2008

American Idol: What were you thinking, America?

Last season I was disappointed that a joke like Sanjea was able to stay. This season I'm shocked that Colton Berry was sent home. What were the voters thinking?

28 million votes and not enough for Colton?

The show started out great, still in the sixties theme. The guys were all in suits, the girls with mod hair and clothes and white boots, everyone wearing black and white. Their numbers together were great.

Garret AKA Leif was first to go. Buh-bye. Come back when you have a mustache or can sing. Won't happen. Bad part? We had to hear him sing that song again before he left. Breaking up wasn't as hard to do as listening to that song.

Then Amy Davis, yes, the WORST singer of all, the very one I predicted. So sorry, but I couldn't stand to be embarrassed for you every week. Even worse part? We had to hear her sing Where the Boys Are yet again. I was watching with Kris and she covered her ears. Poor girl.

Then they showed Paula's new video and single, Dance Like There's No Tomorrow. I like Paula, and I always liked her dancing, so it was fun to see. I always thought she hadn't danced for so long because of the accident and neck pain and surgeries -- maybe she's better? Okay it wasn't really energetic dancing, not like Dance Wars, but it was good enough for a video with lots of clips cut and stuck here and there. Colorful. Twenty fans blowing her hair.

Next one to go home was another I called. The beautiful plus-size Joanna. Her face was much prettier than her singing. Nice girl.

Then Ryan called up Cheezy and Colton together, and I was so relieved it was Cheezy going home. Then the shock of the night. Colton went home. I'm so sad.

I'm checking for a My Space so I can tell him to come back next year. That was just wrong. And he finished up the show singing Suspicious Minds with all the girls (and Danny) crying.

Bargaining for King's Baby by Maureen Child

Just twenty more acres and millionaire Adam King would restore his family ranch to its former glory. So intense was his obsession, he even considered marrying the girl next door. For Gina Torino's father was willing to "sell" her in exchange for the much-desired land.

Gina was aware of her father's manipulative bargain…and decided to make a deal with Adam herself. She'd marry the ice-cold rancher. He'd get the land. And she'd get King's baby.

Bargaining For King's Baby (Silhouette Desire)

Product Endorsement: Kroeger Grahams

When I have leftover fudge frosting - and I make it a point to have leftover fudge frosting - I get out the graham crackers and make graham cracker cookies, then put them in a tightly sealed Tupperware container and they get soft. Yummo.

Graham crackers just seem so expensive to me. I've tried all the store brands, but most are so crumbly when you break them. Don't you hate that?

Well, I just happened to find these at a Kroeger store where I don't normally shop, but I ran in for a cake for my son Jared's birthday. Kroeger is a store brand. Check it out! These graham crackers come already in squares, so you don't have to break them. How cool is that?


I'm blogging at Petticoats and Pistols today.

Come say HOWDY!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

American Idol, Season Seven: The Girls

Voting is now open for the girls.
(Note how many of their names start with "A.")
It was sixties week, remember.

She sold a barrel horse to get to the auditions. She sang Rescue Me, and she does a freaky thing with her eyes, often opens them scary-wide as she sings. She didn't do anything special with the song, nor was her voice particularly special.

The judges didn't have anything good to say.
Bronchitis was Ryan's excuse for her (because she's hot).


She's the plus-size model, with a very pretty Jennifer Lopez-like face. She sang Say A Little Prayer, and it was a little whiney, nasally. I didn't care for her voice.

I wanted to be, but I wasn't impressed.


At 16, she's the youngest of the group. She sang More Today Than Yesterday with a big voice. Simon didn't know the song, but he liked ehr a lot. The other judges liked her, too.

I enjoyed her song a lot.


She's the visting nurse who rides a harley and has had a lot of camera attention. I wanted her to surprise me and not sound the same as the audition, and she deliberately didn't sing a Janis Joplin number. She's rocker to the max and sang Baby Please Don't Go. Simon likes her, but asked if she forgot words.

She laughed as she asked, Haven't you ever heard this song before?" and he said he hadn't.

She has a beautiful mother. She's okay for me.


Poor baby sang Where The Boys Are, and I was embarrassed for her. I think my husband went tone deaf, because he said it wasn't so bad. She is PAINFUL to listen to.

I felt bad for her, because she made it this far, but she did about as well as I could have.

Paula said she was "lackluster" and that was serious criticism coming from Miss Sunshine.


She's a nanny and plays the keyboard. Decison day in Hollywood, she cried the entire time, even as she sat waiting for her verdict. I thought she'd never make it under pressure this week, but she did fine.

She sang Happy Together (David Cook sang it last night) and I loved her big black fake eyelashes. She's very pretty witha great smile.
I liked her, but I wasn't blown away.

Maybe with another song.

At the auditions she hugged her great-grandmother and the 91 year old lady said, "Don't make me cry, they're takin' pictures." It was precious.

Alexandrea said, "If it's music, then throw it at me and i'll catch it."
She sang Spinning Wheel and wore a huge peace sign earring, which I dug.
She performed the song confidently.
Simon didn't get it.

She was good, but I was a little disappointed in her vocal, because I wsnted to be impressed, but I really wasn't.


She's a recording studio assistant and a classy dresser.

She sang A Groovy Kind of Love, which is a song I love, but the judges didn't. They wanted to see the fun Kady. They love her ,but not the song or the performance.

She has a big voice, and I thought she was pretty good.


Two days before audistions her father was killed in an auto accident. She sang How Do I Live Without You? and was amazing, faltering only at the chorus when she thought about the words.

Tonight she sang A Little Piece of My Heart. She has an unusual voice and had fun with the song. She was Simon's favorite so far.

I thought she was good.


She's Phillipino and works at a sushi restaurant. Very pretty, very sweet, teeny girl with a teeny little speaking voice, but WOW does she sing BIG and effortlessly.
She sang You Don't have to Say You Love Me in an awesome performance.

Simon said he didn't like her at first, but that now she has outsung them all.
When Ryan asked what she liked best so far, she answered, "Hair and make-up" and showed him her shoes!

Adorable. Awesome.

The first WOW of the night for me.


During Hollywood week she lost her voice and went on vocal rest to blow them away at the audition. She's an actress and can she belt a song.

She sang Tobacco Road with a powerhouse voice.

Effortless, Awesome.

Simon said it didn't matter it wasn't her best performance because she's one of the best.


The Irish girl who was my early pick in the auditions owns a tatoo shop. She made a record when she was 17. She was in the competition last year, but had visa issues and had to drop out.

She said, "I don't want to be a diva or a prima dona, I'm just here to sing."
And how. She sang The Shadow of Your Smile, and oh can this girl sing.

She isn't particularly attractive while she's singing some of the parts and notes, but I can ignore that.

Randy said it was the best vocals of the night.
Ryan revealed Carly has bronchitis. WHA-AT?
She said, "Sick isn't an excuse."
Simon thought it was an old-fashioned song. He expected fantastic after what he'd heard previously.
I loved her.

My picks of the night:

What did you think??

American Idol: Vote by Internet - it's easy!

Okay, it's time to get serious. If you don't already know how to do this, here's the quick easy way to vote. Dial Idol is a small download, takes only a couple of seconds, makes an icon and everything for you. I do it every year, and it's safe.

Download and open, and select who you want to vote for - one, two, three, as many as you like--I usually vote for a couple until the end when the voting gets serious. Dial Idol will keep calling in your vote as long as the voting is open. You can still use your internet connection as ususal while it's voting, or you can go to bed--or read a book.


About Blog Subscriptions

Okay, here's how it's going with the blog subscriptions:

It seems that Feedburner sends out the entire day's blogs at about 11 PM. So, this delivery is fine and dandy for any of you who simply want to keep up and not miss any posts, or who can't check every day, or whatever.

But I've heard from several of you who want to read the blog more quickly and who prefer to simply check the web at your convenience. If you don't want to wait, don't subscribe via email. Or -- keep your email subscription in case you miss something, but check my blog daily/twice daily as you normally would.

Tonight it's all about the girls on American Idol! Can't wait!

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Now the iron cowboy had to steel himself for the fight of his life…and his heart.
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

American Idol Season Seven: The Guys

I told you my favorites from the auditions, now I've picked my favorites from the first performances. Here are the guys in order of their songs tonight. It was 60s night. Let's compare reactions.


David (there are three Davids) sang In The Midnight Hour, starting out slow and building up. He has a really sexy voice and I liked him a lot.


Flat beginning. No low register.
Cheezy Chikezie MUST GO.
Please vote him off.
And this was his second time to Hollywood.
There was a reason he didn't make it last time.


This David is from Blue Springs, Missouri, which is where we stay when we visit Kansas City because the hotels are cheap. *G*

He auditioned in Omaha. He sang Happy Together, and it was okay, but not wonderful.


There are 2 Jasons, but trust me, you will not mix them up.
He has a son who was excited for him. Jason sang Moon River.
It wasn't terrible.

I can hear him singing the theme song of a Disney movie and it would be adequate. Okay, but bluh.


Thinks of himself as a rocker, and okay he is.
He sang One exactly as Three Dog Night did, and it was good.
Simon liked it a lot.
I liked him all right.


Goofy young nice kid.
Sang You'd Better Shop Around and really made it his with a hip young version.
This was my first WOW of the night.
He's only 17 years old, but sang like a pro.
Simon said he was the best so far, and he was. This David was amazing.


In my predictions, I called him irritating.
He's 18 and was cut last year.
He sang jailhouse Rock and really needed to dance, but can't.
Simon called his performance grotesque and awful.
I don't know about that, but my reaction was "eh."
Jay says he'll get voted off, but I reminded him about Sanjea.
There's one in every season.

We could give this dude pointy ears and send him to middle earth.

Can you say Orlando Bloom? I REALLY REALLY wanted to like this guy.
He's gorgeous. He's married. He did okay in the auditions.
Luke sang Everybody's Talkin' At Me, and had some pitch problems.
Simon said his performance was forgettable, and he was right.
Well, I do remember it was painful.

PLEASE PLEASE pick a better song next time, Orlando--er, Luke, because I WANT to like you.

Luke Menard looks like a cross between Luke Perry and Orlando Bloom, and that ain't all bad.


He said about himself that he only looks like Ellen Degeneres from the right and the left and the front. He's 18 and adorable. He was the last one chosen from the Hollywood auditions.

Colton sang Suspicius Minds and was my second WOW of the night. He made it his own. And he's cute.

I like this guy.


He would look great on the cover of Teen Scene Magazine. He's cute.

Ryan compared him to Leif Garrett and Peter Frampton. Okay.
In his audition he sounded like a girl.
He sang Breaking Up is Hard to Do without the Neil Sedaka oomph.
In the close-ups, we saw a pathetic little mustache--okay he's only 17--but please shave until you're twenty.

I'm just sad for you and your lip.

Simon told him he needed fresh air and that he's pale. He needs to become relevant.
That's like telling him to grow a mustache, Simon.


I think I'm in love with the dreadlock drummer.
This 20 year old had only performed in public 5 times before this show.
I've always beem a sucker for John Travolta, and there are those eyes and that smile, holy cow! He sang What A Day For A Daydream and played his guitar.

I love him, love him, love him. Jason MUST keep that hair back because he's knock-me-out gorgeous and adorable with killer eyes and smile.
Did I mention that?

Simon called his performance in the top 2 of the night.
He said it was effortless and that he had charisma.
Well, YEAH! Jason was overwhelmed and said, "I was scared up here."

How can America not love this kid?


Michael was my pick from the auditions. Well, that was before I fell for Jason Castro. Michael sang Bohemian Rhapsody in the Hollywood auditions and Light My Fire tonight.

The judges loved him. Even Simon.
Simon called hin the most consistant, a natural with charisma.
Well, yeah, but that was before Jason Castro.
He didn't change the song he did, and it was good, but I wasn't thrilled.
He has kind of a weird vibrato that permeates all his songs.

So, my top picks of the night are:

And yours?

Dancing With the Stars Contestants Announced

Last night ABC filled some air time on Dance Wars by announcing this year's new dancer wannabes. So look who's caught dance fever!

Deaf actress Marlee Matlin. What an interesting choice. She has an irritating in your face personality, but she'll probably be the one to watch.

Elvis ex Priscilla Presley. Great, an opportunity to compare her facelift photos, and you know how I love those! Have you noticed her cheeks?

Penn Jillette, crabby magician/debunker. Probably this season's Wayne Newton, right?

Adam Carolla, ex-"The Man Show"/radio big-mouth, but I don't know him from Adam. Pun intended.

Kristi Yamaguchi, Olympic skating star. Can you say unfair advantage? Always exciting to watch on the ice, but what will she do on land?

NFL hottie Jason Taylor. The Miami Dolphins defensive end will definitely look good in the costumes.

Tennis (ex-)star Monica Seles. Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Tanya Harding?

Marissa Jaret Winokur, Broadway's "Hairspray." Here again, she can already sing and dance.

Steve Guttenberg, "Three Men and a Baby." Oh brother. Battle of the 80s has beens anyone?.

R&B singer Mario. Don't recognize him.

Shannon Elizabeth. Who?

Christian De La Fuente. Chilean born telenovela heart throb. Who?

Seriously, how do they get some of these people to agree? Does it pay that well? Does it benefit their careers? I was embarrassed for Wayne Newton last year.
The dancing competition is set to begin with a live performance March 17 on ABC.

I'm going to come up with my own cast of Dancing With the Stars, and it will consist of Molly Ringwald, Sally Kellerman, Sylvester Stalone and Tom Wopat. Oh, and Harry Connick Jr. Would you watch?

Dance Wars Finale

ABC really fell down with their coverage of last night's winners of Dance Wars: Bruno vs Carrie Ann. There isn't a decent photo to be had, and there aren't any videos of the performances on Youtube yet either. If you really want to catch the ending, you can watch the entire episode at

I was torn about the finale, because I really liked the members on both teams. Team Carrie Ann was my favorite all the way through. Team Bruno had a much better new song to record than Team Carrie Ann, however, but the voting was already done by then, so that didn't count.

I have to say I was surprized when Team Bruno won because I thought the others had it in the bag. Not that TB didn't deserve it because they all did a great job. I really enjoyed the first season of Dance Wars and hope it was a big enough success that they do it again. In the past, entertainers like Debbie Reynolds, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and many more all sang and danced. Now it's unusual to find a singer who can dance or a dancer who can sing. This was a fun show.

As videos become available, I will post them for you.
How many of you watched som or all of this series?

Here's a video from a previous week with one of my favorites:

Papa Was A Rolling STone