Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Year's Drawing!

I'm holding a drawing the first week of January. THREE readers will soon have their very own autographed hot little advance copies of my February release THE LAWMAN'S BRIDE in their hands. As usual entry is easy. Each comment on one of my blogs is an entry. I'll try to make interesting blogs so you'll have something to respond to. Well, I usually try to make interesting blogs so you'll have something to say, but I'll try exceptionally hard to be interesting. LOL Hey, weren't the GUYS enough to make you post? Everyone must be really busy or hung over from too much Christmas turkey and ham. Couldn't have been the fudge.

You know how I love lists.

I don't believe in New Year's resolutions. They're a waste of time and leave you feeling like a loser when you blow it the second week. But I do firmly believe we all need to set goals for ourselves. Achievable steps toward larger accomplishments. For example if a beginning writer wants to set goals for the year, the goal of publishing a book is unrealistic because it's out of his control. What that writer can do is set goals to write X number of pages per week, find a critique group, study a particular book on writing and apply the techniques, contact an agent, submit to X number of editors.... You get the idea. So let's start the new year's weekend with our lists of goals for the coming year.

Yes, I'm trying to make you think. Yes, I want you to be successful.

Here are some of my goals for 2007:
* first week of January - finish novella
* January/February - work on & finish new proposals
* write 100 words for 100 days
* writing improvement (techniques I'm working on)
* register for classes and honor study time
* promotion/website update
* faithful use of desk calendar for page counts and deadlines


  1. - tell my family that I love them every day
    - lose at least 5 lbs a month
    - change my eating habits
    - exercise at least twice a week
    - read at least 6 books a month
    - apply for/search for new job

  2. hi cheryl! awesome books i could just EAT the covers! happy new year and thanks for having this contect. good luck all.

  3. My goals:

    Eat less
    Exercise more
    Eat less
    Exercise more
    Eat Less
    Exercise more


  4. Hi, I am doing just as everyone else this year and want to lose some weight. I look forward tosome good reding with you this coming year.

  5. WOW let's see...
    Exercise more(I like the idea of twice a week) :)
    Think more about my family's feelings (especially DH) and act accordingly
    Learn how to spend money wisely
    That's it for now-- I know I will think up more

  6. Happy New Year! Resolutions, no. Goals, yes. Write at least three days a week, save money from each paycheck, write at least three days a week,lose weight, write... you get the idea. And keep in closer touch with friends - that's the most important.

  7. can't wait to see the book. My goals this year are to eat healthier, I would like to lose some weight but if I eat healthy maybe it will come off. LoL.
    Learn to losen up in life and don't take everything so serious have some fun. Help my mother stay strong while she fights her cancer.That will be the bigest thing I will deal with.

  8. This is definitely a resolution-free New Year for me. However my goals are to lose weight and spend less time on the computer.
    Oh, one more goal...TO WIN A COPY OF LAWMAN'S BRIDE! *smile*

  9. Exercise SOMEHOW every day, even if only for a few minutes.

    Finish WIP, which is giving me fits--I like your 100 words/100 days goal, Cheryl.

    Be thankful for three things every day--think I borrowed this, but it's good for the soul.

  10. The only resolution I do is for instead of a year it is just 40 days :)..LOL

    As for goals:
    -less TV time and more book time
    -keep exercising...which is more of a stress reliever (but only on warmer days :) )
    -stay in touch better w/ family and friends

  11. Wow-another book in the makings-I can't wait. Your Western romances are my favorite.

    As always my New Years resolution is Faith~Family~Friends.

  12. Like everyone else, I want to lose a few pounds so that my clothes fit better.

    I want to spend more time reading too. I have so many good books in my TBR pile!

  13. I'm with you Cheryl! I never make resolutions anymore because I inevitably blow them, then feel like crud for doing so. But I try to set a few "goals" for myself every year.

    - Read at least 100 books (I'm slow!)
    - Exercise more
    - Read through some backlists I have
    - Put dent in massive TBR

  14. Hi Cheryl, as You know I have cancer, so I do not set goals, never have, but the things I do now, more than ever, is take each day as it comes, and I really enjoy more now, as the cancer has allowed Me to slow down, I used to be very active, and I never stopped. It was hard at first, when I got sick, but now that I am totally disabled, I take more time for Me, and I never miss a chance to tell someone I Love them, or write a letter, or an e mail, the world is going so very fast, and as We live in very uncertain times, I feel it is very important to do what You like to do, it need not be expensive, I Love to read, and I always get so excited when one of Your books is coming out. I also love to color, I always have, even as a child, it is a great stress realizer, and I also put puzzles together, I was always to busy before to do these things for Me. Now that the cancer has slowed Me down, My outlook on life as changed. I have always maintained a positive attitude, and I think that is truly very important. I wish You all the very best for 2007, and good luck with all Your future books You are sure to write. You are an awesome author. Happy New Year, and God Bless, Rebecca Van De Parre

  15. A HUNDRED BOOKS, Wendy!! You blow me away! But we writers luuuuuuuuuuv you.

  16. I'm with you. I set goals. I always set a couple that are a stretch and a couple that I'm sure to accomplish. Success is sweet!

    Finish my WIP

    Do 100 words for 100 days

    Lose 10 pounds

    Study a writing book at least 30 minutes a week.

    Happy New Year to all!

  17. Rebeccaa, it so so good to hear from you! Hope your days are going well through the holidays. You're seeing things more clearly than most of us take time to do, and we should all take our cue from you and focus on what's really important this year. Thanks for the reminder. Blessings to you.

  18. Rebecca, you made me stop and are one of the people new beginnings are for. You look to each day, but each new day brings excitement and joy. Something most people don't find the time for. Saying this my goals are:

    To tell people I love them and show them in some small way

    To not take everything so serious and have fun

    To accept me as me and be thankful God made me in His image NOT in the image I have seen myself.

    God bless everyone this coming new year and may you find Love and Joy!

    Cheryl take note of the first one.

  19. I would like to work towards being more mobile and stronger so I am not dependent on a wheelchair.

    I want to find something out of every day to smile about.

    I want to help someone in some way once a week.

  20. I definitely need to get a good resume together and start looking for a better paying job. I also need to start excercising more regularly again (as much as I hate it!)

  21. My Goals for 2007:

    Don't break a hip

    Don't loose any teeth

    Don't pull out any more gray hairs, lest I become bald.

    Turn down any offers to become a runway or lingerie model

    Stop counting the blue veins in my legs

    Wake up every morning

    oh... and
    Finish at least one of the five manuscripts I have going right now so I can grow up and be Cheryl St. John. :)

  22. Ginger, I know that's you. You're a stitch. Growing up to be Ginger ain't so bad.

  23. Happy New Years to everyone. My goals are to continue everything I started in 2006.

  24. Hi, Mz. G! LOL! You're a pip.
    *Gasp* I recently found gray hairs. However, I shave EVERYTHING so I don't have to look at them. *snicker*

  25. Hi Cheryl,
    My goals are:

    Organize my house, declutter so I have more time to read and play with my grandson.

    Be a nicer person to family, friends and even strangers.

    Love myself enough to look pass the extra pounds.

    Have my twice a year breast cancer check ups.

    Hug my kids more and tell them I love them all the time.

    Do the bedroom dance with my DH more.


  26. What a neat thread this is. Rebecca, you're an inspiration to us all! Reading your post was one of my three things to be grateful for today.

    Happy New Year.

  27. I actually managed to read over 100 books this year...I was a bit slow though...could have read more.