Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holly's Contest

Go visit my friend, Holly Jacobs' website! She's giving away a very cool bookbag on New year's Day, so you still have time to enter the contest.


  1. Holly is a fabulous woman and a wonderful writer. Thanks for this, Cheryl. The bookbag is wicked nice.

  2. Thanks for the other author to read. I always look for someone else to read. I had to enter the contest. Thanks again.

  3. I entered too; have several of Sherryl Woods; love anthologies because I often find a new Good author! I am a "bag lady" and usually have a book with me so this would be a great prize to add to my list of Lucky Lou Stories!! LOL

  4. Cheryl, Thanks so much for pointing the way to my site!

    And Mel, Brenda and Lou, Thanks for entering the contest!!

    Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!