Saturday, September 30, 2006


I don't know how the end of the month snuck up on us, but here it is. The good part is that it's time to draw names for the prizes!

So, my daughter is fishing around in the fish bowl--the new and larger fishbowl as you recall--and she's coming out with the first winner....


Kathleen wins the cup & saucer, the scone mix and the three SSEs.
Congrats, Kathleen. Please send me your address at:

And now Kristin is fishing for the second name--and the winner of the autographed UK copy of NICK ALL NIGHT is.....

Congrats, Mel. I'll mail Nick out to you asap.

More good news: All the slips are going back into the fishbowl for next month. Now I'm off to think up a new gift to draw for.


  1. Congrats winners! I guess Nick and I just weren't meant to be...LOL!

    Hey Cheryl, did you get the postcards I sent for your grandson?

  2. Did you send them to my PO box? I'll have to go pick them up.


  3. Congrats Kathleen, you're in for a treat! Mel, my claim to share my luck keeps coming true!
    Came in from the deck, balmy BEAUTIFUL weather, reading CSJ's Sweet Annie & "Never A Day Without Chocolate" a collection of chocolate recipes from Nieman-Marcus. Inspired me to have choc milk & banana split with choc ice cream & cherries (my married name.)
    Cheryl, stick to your nutritional guns! I have been eating right (lots of salad) & swimming twice a week so decided to indulge. Had a hot rock massage that cured my lower back pain suffered for last 6 wks. Went to church rummage sale & scored some GREAT bargains!! The cleaning lady came earlier this week so I feel like a lady of leisure! God is in His Heaven and all is right with the world. (who said that?)

  4. Yes I sent them to a P.O gave the address here on the blog.

  5. Thank you so much Cheryl!! My info is being sent.

  6. WOW Kathleen and Mel-- that is awesome!! Congrats!

  7. Thank you, Cheryl! Thanks for the congrats everybody!

  8. Congratulations Mel and Kathleen!
    Enjoy your great prizes!

  9. Congratulations, winners!

  10. Congrats Mel and Kathleen Hope you enjoy all the wonderful gifts. I love that tea cup it is so beautiful.