Thursday, September 14, 2006

welcome new blog friends!

I finally have morning glories in the midst of my garden! I've attempted to plant these several times, and this is th first time they actually did something spectacular. Not a lot of blooms yet, but next year should be awesome! As I was snapping pics, a hummingbird flew around me, so close I could hear its tiny wings and see it perfectly as it hovered above a canna bloom. Trying to turn the camera and adjust focus scared the little guy away. But it was so cute.

Later, I took Elijah out and we stood still in the gsrden waiting. Two hummingbords flitted together and flew just inches from our faces. Elijah was delighted. We have squash now and several ripe pumpkins.

Good job on the contest, guys! So far there are ten new subscribers for my newsletter and several new faces here! I'll keep you updated.

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  1. I love hummingbirds! I love ALL birds! What other birds visit you?
    The veggies look so healthy!

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    Jennifer Y sent me here to let me know about your blog and newsletter!

    I just LOVE your books! And had the pleasure of reviewing Million Dollar Makeup!

    Billie Jo

  3. It's nice to see all the great vegetables! lol Pumpkin pie is my favorite!

  4. Cheryl, how gorgeous! As a Manhattanite I appreciate beautiful gardens like this. Great work.

  5. Mel, we get cardinals and finches, too. And lots of morning doves. We're between a creek and a huge lake/park, so we have a lot of birds & butterflies and hear the geese flying over.

    Hi Billie Jo and Paula! Thanks for stopping by.

    Kristin said, "Mom, why don't you get YOU in the pictures sometimes?" and I said, "Okay, next time." LOL

  6. I adore Canadian geese. Have you ever seen painted buntings, Cheryl?
    My Mom sees them in her birdfeeders as well as doves, redwing blackbirds, cardinals, thrashers, and even pigeons. lol!
    Hawks swoop down sometimes to catch a tasty treat.

  7. My hubby and I did see one once, but we didn't know what it was until I looked it up! They're so incredibly colorful, they look exotic.

  8. You have a beautiful garden Cheryl. I love looking at them, but living in the city here, not much blooms well so I didn't keep up, so its pretty simple out for me, but each summer we can go and visit called "the Garden of Homes" and its a tour you can take for those who put their gardens in for contests. I saw some beautiful ones. Yours should go into something like that.

  9. Hi Cheryl, Lovely pictures.

    Cathie sent me...


  10. I know! The males are all different colors and the females are green. They're beautiful!
    I think you should put a pic. in the blog. *g*

  11. Welcome to all the new comers, you will love this blog...very interactive!

  12. Hi Cheryl,

    did not know you had a blog ! My friend Cathie send me...and I'm glad she did, will have to look the pictures! Love your books, so I sign up for your newsletter as well!


  13. Mel, we hear owls, geese, mourning doves, blue jays, woodpeckers, & spot robins & cardinals near our woods & butterflies of many colors & size, often in pairs! Saw ONE humming bird a few years ago. No flowers so fluke to see him; was reading a book on the deck as he hovered over me while I was uncommonally quiet (I'm as chatty in person as in print.) LOL See hawks near the hwy & red-wing blackbirds perched on the marsh-like road-side weeds.

    Cheryl, are the Morning Glories in honor of LaVeryle Spencer's book by that title? BEAUTIFUL bounty.
    Carol, the only thing to beat pumpkin is pecan pie.

    YES, Nickol, welcome to all the newbies. You'll love CSJ's pictures & topics to chat about.

    Cathie, GREAT suggestion for a Garden Walk. Race you all there; I'm 45 min away! (or here on the blog if Canada,RI, etc are too far)

  14. Love your tomato basket! Prize winning produce & photos!! I need occasional reminder to click on pic to enlarge for details. thanks, CSJ.

  15. Lucky, sorry I didn't get to you on that garden walk. I ended up going through this garden here of emails with the pics :)