Saturday, September 16, 2006

stormy weather

It was nearly dark when I took this pic, the sun had almost set behind me, and this cloud formation to the east was lit by the last rays. Notice the dark clouds at the upper left, that's what the rest of the sky looked like. I knelt down in front of the canna lilies to get this great shot.

The game was interrupted by tornadoes, which was irritating as all get out, because they split the screen and the weathermen talked over it. I realize they have to protect people, so I'm not really griping. My family is the very laid back variety who go out to look at neat cloud formations and only send the kids to the basement when the sirens are going off and it looks really bad. We had two spending the night, and they just went down, got in bed and watched Jungle Book and ate popcorn without blinking an eye.

Later on we realized it was a blessing that we couldn't give our full attention to the game. We were run over, and it wasn't pretty.

The chili was good, though.


  1. Nice pics...glad the chilli was good and that y'all are safe.

  2. That is a neat and interesting shot, Cheryl.
    Photography is not my thing, but I admire those who know how to take a great picture.

  3. Oh yea, I forgot to say I'd love to try your chili. Sorry your team lost.
    The pictures are awesome. I love cumulonimbus clouds. Glad no tornado came near you. I remember getting in the closet with our cat when we lived in Texas.

  4. beautiful shots-- those cloud formations are wonderful to look at! glad the chill was good, sorry your team lost, and so relieved everyone is safe and sound!

  5. Fastinating pics. Cheryl, I remember the other pics you put up here and all. Did you take photography? Do you do this as a job or hobby. You are great with the pics.

  6. Thank you, Cathie! I used to dabble as an artist, and have always loved photography. I always say if I wasn't a writer, I'd probably be a photographer. I'm really an amatuer picture taker; have never taken classes--but I've been reading books! LOL

    right now I'm in camera envy and have a new one on my wish list.

  7. Today is the perfect day for chili. Its down right cold out there. I ended up turning on the heater.

  8. WONDERFUL pictures. The TV stations ask for them in those circumstances. As I drove to Jazz on the Green in Aug in similar weather with my digital, I just pointed & prayed to get something
    clear & effective. I called a couple of friends who live out your way to warn them in case they were watching videos/DVD's instead of interruptible TV. Cheryl, Hubby eats CANNED chili! Saves me time, but sacrilege!
    Mel, thanks for naming the clouds.
    Cheryl, I still owe you the sheet of pointers I got from our local photo class.