Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Premiere: SMITH

I always like Ray Liotta -- good guy, bad guy, doesn't matter. But what does matter is -- there SHOULD be a good guy! Are we supposed to root for this gang who uses automatic weapons to kill anyone that gets in the way of their robbery? I can't like these characters, can I? Is Bobby sympathetic just because he loves his children? Of course there's a leggy blonde, but hello, she tazed an old high school pal who recognized her during the heist! It's not that I wasn't caught up in the show, it's that I'm disturbed that the bad guys are the "protagonists."
Anyone else care to weigh in on this one?


  1. OK, this brings me back to the new show DEXTER on Showtime. Go to the Showtime website and check this out! A serial killer who's the good guy? I watched the first episode this morning and I liked him! I think it's clever how they've made him the hero. Just check it out before you think me absolutely crazy. lol!
    I can't look at Liotta without thinking about the brain scene from HANNIBAL.
    What's with me and serial killers today? I'm in a good mood...really. *g*

  2. I just couldn't get into this show.

    Oh, and Mel, I see the scene in Hannibal when I see Ray Liotta too. It is odd for me...every time I see him I think about FIELD OF DREAMS, HANNIBAL, and CORRINA, CORRINA. Interesting combo.