Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday Drawings

Alrighty then, getting right to the fish bowl this morning for some giveaway fun.

Mel is keeping me on track with these prizes; Mel I think you should come over and make sure I mail them too! LOL Just kidding. I'm not doing badly.

Okay, first I'll draw a name for a backlist book, which I didn't do last week. Woops. And the winner for their choice of book from my backlist (excluding a couple I don't have, like Christmas Gold and Joe's Wife) is........


Whoo hoo! Please send your address and selected book title to me at:

Okay, and next is Katrina's copy of Joe's Wife. Hard to get that one is, so the lucky gal will be.......


Whoo, hoo, Mel! Send me your addy and I'll send it on to Katrina.
Thanks for doing this, Katrina!

Okay, and the final winner for today receives an autographed copy of PRAIRIE WIFE, and that goes to................


Yeah! bookworm, send me your address at:, and I'll get your book out to you this week.

Congrats to all, and thanks for being my blog buddies. I love ya!

Now I'm off to cook up a new drawing -- oh, yeah, and write a book. LOL


  1. Congratulations Mel, serendipity and abookworm!

  2. Thanks to Mel for bringing up an oversight that benefited our friend Serendipity (what a neat 60's name!) Congrats to all 3, Mel deserves it. Watch out Bookworm doesn't eat it! Keeping my eyes peeled for backlist (My bookseller, Jim, has Sweet Annie and Gunslinger's Bride if anyone wants to order it shipped.)

  3. LOL! Cheryl. I can't remember what I did yesterday but I sure can remember a contest. Thanks for picking my name out of the fishbowl. :-)
    Thanks, LL, for the "deserves it" comment. That's really sweet.
    Thanks, Katrina. Without your kindness I wouldn't get the book.
    And thanks Carol and Jenn for the congrats!

  4. Its my cat's name. This is actually Nickol. I can't use the sign in anymore since I changed my blog over to the beta version. *eye roll*

    Yay! I actually one something. Wootness!

    Congratulations to the others.

  5. Crap! I can't spell either. It should be "won" not "one".

  6. Nickol, were you using an "alias, nom de plume, AKA?"
    Cheryl, have you found the Reverse Dictionary by Theodore M Bernstein? It's for occasions when you know what the word means but can't remember the word itself. nom de plume is listed as Author's assumed name. He also wrote Miss Thistlebottom's Hobgoblins (reminds me of Julia Quinn's Lady Whistledown) & 3 others for writers. My mind is getting so bad, it took me a DAY to remember how to spell coax (could only think of coach!) So need all the asssistance I can garner.
    Nickol, thought the slip of "one" was cute! LOL