Wednesday, September 20, 2006

In an article in PREVENTION magazine, Maria Rodale gave 20 ways to enjoy all the benefits that pleasure can bring to your life. Number three on her list is to: Savor a romance novel."

Why, thank you, Ms. Rodale, I believe I will.

She writes "...reading books with happy endings is one of life's greatest pleasures." Among Maria's other tips -- play with animals, take a snooze, and watch a funny movie. Great advice, eh?

We haven't made lists for a while! Next to my readers, I love lists!
Let's list the things that give us the greatest pleasure. (Let's just consider sex a given. LOL) Can you come up with 20?

Here are mine in no particular order:
reading a wonderful book
writing a great book
holding a baby
spending a day with my husband
a leisurely vacation
taking pictures
painting a room
shopping for treasures
decorating my home
growing flowers
cooking for my grandkids
seeing my children happy
a clean house
laughing with friends
a task well done
road trips
chocolate cake
the color teal
a balmy summer day


  1. Snuggling with my cat
    Reading books and magazines
    Eating chocolate chip cookies
    Blogging with friends
    Making new friends
    Getting good mail
    Going on vacation by myself
    Meeting my Sis and pals for good Chinese food
    Getting a new tattoo
    Taking a nice warm shower
    Going to yard sales
    Learning a new language
    Walking on the beach
    Watching the leaves change colors and knowing it's fall
    Taking medication for pain
    Buying cool silver jewelry, a new purse, shoes, or jeans
    Getting roses
    Giving stuff to Goodwill or Salvation Army
    Talking to my friend David in Scotland

  2. getting an all-over body massage (or ANY pampering at a spa!)

    listening to rain, a waterfall, babbling brook, or roaring river

    seeing a rainbow and sunshine in the midst of storm clouds

    photographing friends, family, nature, decrepit farm buildings

    DISCOVERING treasures at thrift stores, church rummage sales, museum & hospital gift shops, Christian & used book stores

    wearing COLORS: Purple, red, turquoise, black and COSTUMES: every day could be Halloween! The original Drama queen in jeans.

    wearing GEMS: garnets, amethyst, Indian turquoise & silver, (someday rubies) and costume/vintage jewelry (she shall wear rings on her fingers & bells on her toes, no bone in her nose, or tattoos)

    Finding things in common with new friends

    Savoring memories with family and friends of long-standing at reunions (HS/college, work, church, sports team, service groups, neighbors)

    Having someone else clean my bathroom and/or house!!

    Reading a touching story with heart & a message

    Watching a favorite/new comedy/romance even action movie with popcorn, candy, & pop by myself or in a group

    Reading with the family while the fireplace is lit & Christmas music plays (TV is off!!)

    Watching fireworks and fireflies (lightning bugs, depending on where you are from)

    Reading on the garage roof with my sons by flashlight, then watching the stars & hearing the crickets & owls

    Travel anywhere, eating food cooked by someone else

    Washing dishes by hand in soapy bubbles, even doing laundry (Not a Total Undomestic Goddess! LOL)

    Walking our white dog in the dark by moonlight or greeting the dawn thru woods or fog with him

    Praying with friends and having unexpected answers, healing & miracles, even in the little things like finding lost items
    (my cell phone after 18 days! He answered in 5 minutes!)

    Being of service to others (not Totally Selfish)