Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I love sharing great sites!

Time-sucking, though they may be. In the past I've shown you pics of my workspace in the midts of chaos, mid-book. Today I'm showing you the tidied-up-because-I'm-in avoidance-mode version.

I even discovered a stack of unanswered fan mail which is now lying by my PC. My bad.

And now I'm sending you to check out the workspaces of other authors. I have to tell you, Jennie Cruisie's is my favorite! LOL

Go here:


  1. Thank you for sharing your workspace photos. i have a really nice area too for my computer. Do you play music while you write and do you have a nice aromatic candle lit too? Those two things inspire me. Also, I have a drawer full of chocolate goodies.
    I have to admit, you area looks alot neater and less cluttered than mine I need some suggestions for how to display all of the wonderful bookmarks i get from authors. Know of any?

  2. Hi Joye! I only burn unscented candles or occasionally cinammon or orange, and did you know Home Interiors quit making unscented candles? Used to be when someone told me they were having a party I'd say, "Order me a box of candles."

    I have two CD players constantly playing in my home 24/7: one in the dining room which we can hear in the kitchen/dining/liv room and one upstairs.

    As for my office, I ocasionally listen to background sounds, like rain or waterfalls or ocean and seagulls, but I can't have music I'll hear and be distracted by. I like to work in silence. My husband likes Native American flute music, and the haunting quality of is sometimes a nice background. Soundstracks sometimes inspire me-- I particlarly like Far & Away, Last of the Mohicans, Lonesome Dove

    My favorite music is vintage rock, and I think I have CDs for every year. I love soundtracks like Dirty Dancing, Grease, Hope Floats, A Star is Born just to name a few. I'm a closet B-52 fan.

    I slip them in the fronts and backs of all the binders I use to store my stories and research. You can buy plastic sleeves for them that fit in binders, too.

  3. Hi Cheryl,
    Having viewed some of the pics of other authors work spaces on The Writers Cave, I must say you all have something in common-BOOKS, BOOKS AND MORE BOOKS! Love it! I have a chuck-full-to-the-brim bookcase that's right along the wall behind my computer so all I have to do is turn around and grab a book when I'm writing someone. I have no idea how many are on that little bookcase but someday I hope it grows up to be a full wall one! Thanks for sharing your workspace with us.
    Colleen Poor

  4. Hi Cheryl! This is my first time posting here (but have enjoyed your books!) Pam P sent me to your blog here. I didn't know you had one!

    Oh your workplace is so neat! I can imagine having books around tho, must be so tempting to pick up and read them!. Gosh makes me want to go and clean up my area now, but once I touch my books I end up looking through some and more and never getting it cleaned, LOL

  5. Nice and neat, Cheryl! I love listening to classic rock.

  6. You have a nice workspace, Cheryl. I also enjoyed visiting the sites of other authors and seeing their workspaces. Mine looks like hell. lol!
    I saw the B-52s in Lubbock, TX years ago. It was a fantastic show. That reminds me I want to add them to my MySpace page.

  7. It's always nice to see where authors work. It's also fun to find things that you had forgotten about when you reorganize! lol

  8. Dang, you so do not want a picture of my workspace. LOL I'm a slob, and I admit it. I could clean it, but it goes back to slobbishness within a few hours.

    It's probably because I not only write my books here, but I also do online shopping, pay bills, etc. at this same desk. So I've got books, CD's, paid bill stubs, stamps, empty Coke cans... :P

    But hey, at least nothing is sitting on my keyboard. hehehe I can still write! :D

    Oh, and my friend Melissa sent me to your blog!


  9. Welcome, Becka! Did you go look at Jennie Cruisie's office?

    Mel, Mel, Mel, you just HAD to say that and you had to tell me you had a my space page.

    I have refused to go there--Kristin and Erin are crazy about it -- but I've held out. Until now.

    Okay, is your page for anyone to see or do I need an invitation? And if I'm invited, please tell me how.

    I should be WORKING! LOL

  10. Oh, exactly, Carol. I ran across a set of teaching tapes by Donald Maass that I bought when I was at a conference in Phoenix and never found again. There were in a box under my other desk all along. LOL

  11. LOL! I was standing on the arms of my chair dancing. They were so good! My favorite song is PRIVATE IDAHO. What's yours, Cheryl?
    What did you think about my MySpace page?

  12. Ooo, Cheryl, I just did. Wow, that's some organized clutter! LOL But it looks fabu. K, now I'm embarrassed about my workspace. :P

    Ooh ooh, I'm on MySpace too!

    If anyone is interested... :P I wasn't too sure about it either, but it does seem to drive traffic, so, I guess it's a necessary evil. hehe


  13. Ya'll check out Becka's MySpace page. The cover of her new book is awesome!

  14. Thank you, Mel! Yer a sweetheart! **smooches**


  15. Hey Cheryl,

    This is sooo cool! I loved seeing another author's workspace. I have a much smaller workspace due to my desk being so itty bitty, but it works for me. I have my other stuff all around my office on shelves and such. Recently I started trying some Feng Shui stuff, and found their uncluttered simplicity really helped me with my concentration.

    Thanks again for sharing! :-)

  16. {{{{{{Becka}}}}}}

    Woop, woop, Regina's in the house!