Saturday, September 16, 2006

Husker fever

Sixteen new members to my newsletter, and welcome Karen, Maryann and Sybil!

It's Go Big Red game day in Nebraska. On game day everyone you encounter is wearing red. The grocery stores are packed with people buying chips and beer right up to the last minute. All activities stop promptly in time for the pre-game. But if you're unfortunate enough to work a retail job during the game, you hear it broadcast over the house speakers. Gallons of chili are consumed. Mine is summering now, even though the day is a scorcher out there.

You can't drive down a residential street without seeing a flurry of 'Lil Reds (the Husker mascot) in people's yards, red, white and black flags waving, big "N"s on every mailbox. The interstate is a nightmare between Omaha and Lincoln, and there's been a sellout crowd at the stadium every home game for 27 years. They just added I-don't-know-how-many new seats to accommodate more. (Maybe someone with a head for facts can supply how many the stadium seats.) It's a bunch, though, and visiting teams are wowed by the roar and learn they can't hear verbal signals. (Kind of a tactic, too.)

Yes, I'm a fan. I make big N-shaped soft pretzels and cook chili and root for my favorite quarterback and shout with the best of the fans. I prefer to watch on TV where I have the best seat in the house, a potty close by and cheap snacks! LOL


  1. I'm not too into college football, but here in Oregon, you're either a Beaver (Oregon State) or a Duck (University of Oregon) and the rivalry is FIERCE.

    I root for the Beavers, tho, because that was the college I applied to and got accepted at, except I decided not to go because I was young and stupid and in love. **rolls eyes**

    I totally shoulda gone. LOL Fortunately, I married the deadbeat that I passed on college for. :P Otherwise, I would have really been upset. hehehe


  2. Our family roots for the UGA, Georgia Bulldogs. I don't really care who wins, but it is nice when the Bulldogs do.

    My whole family are big football fans. My brother started playing when he was 4 and now is an Assistant Coach for a local high school.

  3. Oh, and I looked it up...Memorial Stadium, where the Huskers play, seats nearly 85,000 (including the 6500 new seats) and have had 275 straight sellouts.

  4. Wow, Jennifer! You are so clever. I think it used to be called Bob Devaney Stadium?

    This year they spent big bucks on a new gigantic screen.

  5. I watched three games on Sat. Michigan, Texas Tech and my very favorite the Texas Longhorns. Texas and Michigan creamed their opponents but Texas Tech lost. After that I watched a DOG marathon. LOL!

  6. Dog the Bounty Hunter!? Shall I confess I watch whenever I run across it, too? When my son first asked if I'd ever watched DtBH I thought it was a cartoon and replied, "Uh, no."

    Then my hubby found it and said that was what Jared was talking about. So we watched a marathon, and he was sorry he found it, because I wouldn't let him turn the channel. LOL

  7. Did ya'll hear about DOG, Leland, and Tim getting arrested? They jumped bail! Can ya stand it? Tune in Tuesday night at 10pm EST to hear the family speak. Man, I sound like a commercial. lol!

  8. I don't watch football, more into NASCAR racing, so I even missed the Buffalo Bills game (wow, they won, LOL) yesterday. I used to be in it when they went to the superbowl four times in a row (and lost four times in a row). But I don't watch much til late November when NASCAR is over.

  9. You know, I never did get into husker fever. I did, however, love me some Brook Berringer. So sad, the day he died. :(

  10. Brook Berringer's mother wrote a book. I learned a lesson in Norfolk.....never do a signing beside a dead football hero's mother. They even played game video nearby...I didn't sell many books. :-(

  11. Tommorow is Spirit Day at the pre-school so staff & kids are to wear their favorite team's emblem/logo. I'm wearing David's Plattsmouth Blue Devils high school football jersey #50 and have a t-shirt & sweatshirt depending on the weather (we've had this discussion before on changeability! lol) I'm not a sports fan, but admire former Coach Tom Osborne's application of his Christian beliefs, even though the Huskers were rivals of my alma mater. Dare I admit I have not one, but all 3 of Art Lindsay's books from Cross Training Publishers, including the one he wrote with Brook's mom Jan? Signed by him, not her. Cheryl, I would have gotten BOTH yours & hers!! Confession time, I'd rather play softball (8 yrs, 2-3 times a week plus tournaments,played pregnant twice) than watch any sport. I missed a lot of David's games (he was 3rd string) & don't often watch when my college IA State Univ (ISU) plays my brother-in-law's team Univ of IA (UI)in the big intrastate rivalry and he sells GAMEDAYIOWA clothes! Went to every game & practice for older son from Kindergarten thru 8th grade because his Dad couldn't (even assistant coach 2 yrs) so don't feel too bad when Robert represented us at David's games. Have seen the mass of RED at a
    Husker Home game: the roar of the crowd & view of a red wave is an awesome memory. I WON tickets 5 yrs ago; ANOTHER Lucky Lou Story!!
    Interesting that hubby gave me the 2 season DVD set of Sports Night TV series when I say I'm NOT a sports fan; just liked the ensemble cast, same writer as TWW The West Wing. Don't call me when that was on!! (Now canceled) SOB