Friday, September 29, 2006

cowboys, birdies and cake

Yesterday I ripped apart the beginning of my story and rearranged. Then I printed out, read through, edited once more, and today I should be moving forward again. Benjamin and Lorabeth are testing my patience.

It's time for River City Round-Up, a city-wide celebration celebrating our city's roots. Businesses and schools and stores participate. Here's one of Nebraska's tough cowboys.

There was a bird squatting in front of the garage, and this tough guy wouldn't budge past it until I shooed it off into the grass. I came home and it was gone, so it must have found its wings.

This would be a good day for a chocolate cake. Or a bag of M&Ms. Or a box of chocolate frosted doughnuts. Instead I'm going to enjoy my hard-boiled egg and can of V-8 and picture myself slim. But visions of chocolate cake will be swimming in my head...hmmm...maybe Lorabeth could bake one. I'll live vicariously through her.


  1. Cute little cowboy there!


  2. Cute cowboy! Wow that event sounds like such fun!! I, too, am in need of some chocolate! Please hurry with that book-- LOL!

  3. Now you have me thinking about chocolate! lol

    Yep! That sure is a tough little cowboy! :)