Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Great Christmas Tree Tour: Lyn Cote

Lyn's beloved Christmas decoration:

If you look closely at the tree I'm standing beside in the photo,
you'll pick out 3 bubble light "candles" on my tree. 

I CANNOT celebrate Christmas without these special lights. I loved them as a
child and was thrilled in the 80's when they began manufacturing them
again. I buy several boxes every Christmas and store them IN CASE they
stop making them again. My husband grins goodnaturedly as we pack away
yet another box!

Their Frontier Family
Love Inspired Historical
November 2012
ISBN: 978-0373829392

First book in the Wilderness Brides series, set in Wisconsin, Lyn' home state. The heroine was a minor character in Lyn's Her Healing Ways, the final book in the Gabriel Sisters series.

No one is more surprised than Sunny Licht when Noah Whitmore proposes. She's a scarlet woman and an unwed mother—an outcast even in her small Quaker m community. But she can't resist Noah's offer of a fresh start in a place where her scandalous past is unknown.

In Sunny, the former Union soldier sees a woman whose loneliness matches his own . When they arrive in Wisconsin, he'll see that she and her baby daughter want for nothin g…except the love that war burned out of him. Yet Sunny makes him hope once more—for the home they're building, and the family he never hoped to find.

Since her first Love Inspired romance debuted in 1998, Lyn Cote has written over 30 books. A RITA finalist and a ACFW Carol Award winner, Lyn writes contemporary romance and historical. Her brand is "Strong Women, Brave Stories." Visit her website/blog at and find her on Facebook, GoodReads and Twitter.


  1. Lyn,
    I love bubble lights, too! We've been babying along our one strand. Maybe I should follow your example. Have a great holiday!

  2. I have never had bubble lights but my aunt did. They are neat!

    Merry Christmas, Lyn.

  3. What a clever idea for decorating your kitchen! After all, during the holidays, we spend so much time in the kitchen baking and cooking and what a great way to increase the Christmas spirit! Smelling that fresh tree must be amazing.

    I have a number of vintage cookie cutters and other utensils left to me from my dear mother-in-law. Some of the cookie cutters were made by my father-in-law. I also have two little ones that my husband used when he was a little boy "helping" his Mom make cookies. Today, I like to get with my grandchildren and make cutout cookies with them using their great-grandmother's cookie cutters. They think it's so special. I hope my husband's parents are watching from Heaven and seeing the joy these cutters bring to us all.

    As for bubble lights, I remember them at one time during my childhood but don't know what happened to them.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Cheryl, and enjoy your fresh Christmas tree! I love your novels! You're a very talented author! All the best.

    Connie Fischer

    1. Enjoyed hearing about your collection of cookie cutters, Connie. My friend Chris taught me how to look for the best ones. I only buy the ones with wood handles. But I have a few of the old plastic ones. You can see them on my tree. There is a blue angel and a red Santa.

  4. I have several strand of bubble lights and I use them on my vintage tree or my Santa tree. They are my husband's favorites because his grandmother had them on her tree when he was a kid.

    My grandmother had a silver aluminum tree with the light wheel. Wish I had that puppy now.

    Thanks for visiting today, Lyn!

  5. I love the bubble lights, we have some of them and I can sit there and watch them for hours. I miss them we didn't put them on our tree this year and I miss them so much.

  6. I love bubble lights, too, though we've never had any. I'm like some of you--I remember them from my grandmother's tree.

    Love that cover, Lyn, and the story sounds lovely.

  7. Bubble lights are so cool. My mom had one that a C7 bulb in her bathroom night light I noticed when we were up visiting for Thanksgiving. I didn't even know they made them that way.

    Thanks for sharing about them Lyn!

  8. Oh, we had bubble lights when I was a kid. I remember how impatient I was in those few minutes (seconds??--couldn't tell time then LOL) it took to warm up and start bubbling. Then...we got an aluminum tree and a color wheel! Sheesh.

    Great tree and post, Lyn.

  9. I'm so happy to hear that I'm not the only bubble light lover! And my aunt Alyce had the aluminum tree with the rotating light!!!

  10. I remember those lights. I loved the movement in them. We had blue lights and silver garland and icicles on our tree when I was around 9 until I got married. It always had a peaceful look.Does anyone remember angel hair? It was actually glass threads and they stopped making it in the early 60's.We had that when I was very little.

  11. thats buble lights is very original. nice christmas tree.

  12. Cheryl, oh how I love bubble lights! So nostalgic, they take me back to my childhood days! We now have a prelit tree...but one year I bought a bubble light night They are beautiful and oh so Christmasie.