Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Diane Gaston: Born to Scandal

Lord Brentmore–half Irish peasant, half English aristocrat–grew up under a cloud of scandal. Even money and a title aren’t enough to stay the wagging tongues of the Ton. But he’s vowed that his children will never experience the same stigma.

After the death of their infamous mother they need a reputable governess. Anna Hill is too passionate, too alluring, but she fills Brentmore Hall with light and laughter again–and its master with feelings he’d forgotten.

But a lord marrying a governess would be the biggest scandal of all!


  1. I love the plot of this novel. Governess novels have always been my favorite ones. I can just see the scandal now of the lord marrying the governess. Yummy! Rubbing my hands together in anticipation of reading it. At the top of my Wish List!

    Connie Fischer

    1. The cover is yummy, too, and I love Diane's books.