Thursday, November 08, 2012

COMING SOON! The Fifth Annual Great Christmas Tree Tour

The Great Christmas Tree Tour has become a popular tradition for readers, writers and even editors! I just love seeing how others decorate and hearing about their family customs, and plenty of you enjoy it too, because it's my biggest traffic event all year.  

This season I have a great line up of trees and Christmas decorations you are going to love. You'll want to visit every day to see who has shared their lovely Christmas tree. This year the UK editors are putting together a tree to share with us. Also on my list of participants are Mary Connealy, Winnie Griggs,  Donna Alward, Maggie Brendan, Charlene Sands and even Seekerville just to name a few!

I have a few spots left if you'd like to participate. All that's required is a photo and a big dose of Christmas spirit. 

email me at for available dates.

Here's how to participate and see your Christmas tree on the web:

Take a photo of your tree as soon as it's up.
or: Take a photo of a tree you particularly enjoy, for example at a museum, a lobby or mall.
Send me the photo as a .jpg attachment.
Include anything you'd like to share: a family tradition, something about the ornaments.

If you're an author, include a cover and a brief blurb about your current book, so readers can learn more about it and you.


  1. What a lovely tree! I'm looking forward to seeing the different trees from people. What a great idea.

  2. Cheryl, I just realized that's my Momma's old tree! :D (She had to get a new one this year and it's too thrilled with it. It's an "Okay" little tree, but she wasn't happy to have to say goodbye to this one pictured above that she'd had for 30+ years.) In case you still have a spot left, I'm going to email you mine and I'll even send one of Momma's new one.