Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Heather Locklear Flirts With Romance

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Heather Locklear is reuniting with Lifetime for a holiday-themed original movie tentatively titled "Flirting With 40."

"Flirting," based on the Jane Porter novel, is described as a lighthearted and poignant story about a divorced mother of two (Locklear) who, while on vacation on the brink of her 40th birthday, becomes romantically involved with a much younger man and learns that life can begin at 40.

Locklear starred in Lifetime's "Nora Roberts' Angels Fall," the network's most-watched original movie of 2007 with nearly 5 million viewers.

"It's obvious that our viewers adore her," said Tanya Lopez, senior vice president original movies at Lifetime Networks. "This movie is an honest look at how sometimes women can become stuck in first gear, yet finding the courage to make a dramatic change in their lives can truly be invigorating, even to the chagrin of friends and family."

"Flirting," set to premiere in December, was written by Julia Dahl ("The West Wing").

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  1. Cheryl, did I see previews where she tells him she's 37 or 34, he says he's 30, she find's out he's 27 and she is really 39?
    if so, my mil was 11 older that my fil and a good friend is 9 yrs older than her DH. (Also had 2 close Christian friends who were 15 yrs younger than their spouses.)

    Is the novelist Jane different from the (screen?) writer Julia? I LOVED West Wing!!!!! I didn't answer the phone that hour on Wed night; notified everyone, even my prayer team, not to call unless there was blood or a death in the family!

    I did watch all 3 of Nora's film adaptations.