Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dance Wars Finale

ABC really fell down with their coverage of last night's winners of Dance Wars: Bruno vs Carrie Ann. There isn't a decent photo to be had, and there aren't any videos of the performances on Youtube yet either. If you really want to catch the ending, you can watch the entire episode at ABC.com.

I was torn about the finale, because I really liked the members on both teams. Team Carrie Ann was my favorite all the way through. Team Bruno had a much better new song to record than Team Carrie Ann, however, but the voting was already done by then, so that didn't count.

I have to say I was surprized when Team Bruno won because I thought the others had it in the bag. Not that TB didn't deserve it because they all did a great job. I really enjoyed the first season of Dance Wars and hope it was a big enough success that they do it again. In the past, entertainers like Debbie Reynolds, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and many more all sang and danced. Now it's unusual to find a singer who can dance or a dancer who can sing. This was a fun show.

As videos become available, I will post them for you.
How many of you watched som or all of this series?

Here's a video from a previous week with one of my favorites:

Papa Was A Rolling STone

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  1. I did watch all the episodes the one where I watned Bruno was on February 4th that night I had to vote for him but all the other times Carrie Ann was it and I was shocked when he won. I thought his team was good and the song was really great but Carrie Ann's team worked so much better together. It was fun hope it is on again.