Saturday, February 16, 2008

Black & White Photo Challenge

I subscribe to a blog called Wine on the Keyboard, because Kacey posts a photograph every day, and you know how I love photographs. This weekend she posted a black and white photo challenge--convert your photos and send her a link. So I did.



  1. I really love b&w photos--you can really see contrasts, highs and lows, details. very cool!

  2. Like the 3 nature in a row with trees, clouds best and bucket. Birds and bfly, dragonflies need color=sorry! That's the way God made them/vivid!

    I have an Ansel Adams book of his nature B/W so I do like the technique.

  3. Guess I should remember to click and enlarge- *lizzie had a point about details on bfly and dragonfly, and saw the bird in flight in one.
    But still hold to my preferences!

  4. where to even start! I love these. The birdhouse. The one with the bird and the sun reflection. The cloud one. You did a great job with these! And loved looking at them full sized.

  5. Visiting from Wine on the Keyboard.

    I really like your photo conversions, especially the birdhouse and the dragonfly. They turned out nice!

  6. I like your B&W photos. Especially the one of the pail with the flowers. Also liked the tree with the feathery branches behind it. Really nice!