Thursday, February 21, 2008

American Idol: What were you thinking, America?

Last season I was disappointed that a joke like Sanjea was able to stay. This season I'm shocked that Colton Berry was sent home. What were the voters thinking?

28 million votes and not enough for Colton?

The show started out great, still in the sixties theme. The guys were all in suits, the girls with mod hair and clothes and white boots, everyone wearing black and white. Their numbers together were great.

Garret AKA Leif was first to go. Buh-bye. Come back when you have a mustache or can sing. Won't happen. Bad part? We had to hear him sing that song again before he left. Breaking up wasn't as hard to do as listening to that song.

Then Amy Davis, yes, the WORST singer of all, the very one I predicted. So sorry, but I couldn't stand to be embarrassed for you every week. Even worse part? We had to hear her sing Where the Boys Are yet again. I was watching with Kris and she covered her ears. Poor girl.

Then they showed Paula's new video and single, Dance Like There's No Tomorrow. I like Paula, and I always liked her dancing, so it was fun to see. I always thought she hadn't danced for so long because of the accident and neck pain and surgeries -- maybe she's better? Okay it wasn't really energetic dancing, not like Dance Wars, but it was good enough for a video with lots of clips cut and stuck here and there. Colorful. Twenty fans blowing her hair.

Next one to go home was another I called. The beautiful plus-size Joanna. Her face was much prettier than her singing. Nice girl.

Then Ryan called up Cheezy and Colton together, and I was so relieved it was Cheezy going home. Then the shock of the night. Colton went home. I'm so sad.

I'm checking for a My Space so I can tell him to come back next year. That was just wrong. And he finished up the show singing Suspicious Minds with all the girls (and Danny) crying.


  1. I should have voted. I loved Colton. So cute.

  2. the first two eliminations didn't surprise me, but I was disappointed in the second set. But, that's life.

    It was intersting how Colton's eyelashes were darker last night--I mean, you could see them. LOL. And his slicked back hair made me smile.

  3. He resembles one of our school's Foreign-exchange students from Germany.