Tuesday, February 19, 2008

American Idol Season Seven: The Guys

I told you my favorites from the auditions, now I've picked my favorites from the first performances. Here are the guys in order of their songs tonight. It was 60s night. Let's compare reactions.


David (there are three Davids) sang In The Midnight Hour, starting out slow and building up. He has a really sexy voice and I liked him a lot.


Flat beginning. No low register.
Cheezy Chikezie MUST GO.
Please vote him off.
And this was his second time to Hollywood.
There was a reason he didn't make it last time.


This David is from Blue Springs, Missouri, which is where we stay when we visit Kansas City because the hotels are cheap. *G*

He auditioned in Omaha. He sang Happy Together, and it was okay, but not wonderful.


There are 2 Jasons, but trust me, you will not mix them up.
He has a son who was excited for him. Jason sang Moon River.
It wasn't terrible.

I can hear him singing the theme song of a Disney movie and it would be adequate. Okay, but bluh.


Thinks of himself as a rocker, and okay he is.
He sang One exactly as Three Dog Night did, and it was good.
Simon liked it a lot.
I liked him all right.


Goofy young nice kid.
Sang You'd Better Shop Around and really made it his with a hip young version.
This was my first WOW of the night.
He's only 17 years old, but sang like a pro.
Simon said he was the best so far, and he was. This David was amazing.


In my predictions, I called him irritating.
He's 18 and was cut last year.
He sang jailhouse Rock and really needed to dance, but can't.
Simon called his performance grotesque and awful.
I don't know about that, but my reaction was "eh."
Jay says he'll get voted off, but I reminded him about Sanjea.
There's one in every season.

We could give this dude pointy ears and send him to middle earth.

Can you say Orlando Bloom? I REALLY REALLY wanted to like this guy.
He's gorgeous. He's married. He did okay in the auditions.
Luke sang Everybody's Talkin' At Me, and had some pitch problems.
Simon said his performance was forgettable, and he was right.
Well, I do remember it was painful.

PLEASE PLEASE pick a better song next time, Orlando--er, Luke, because I WANT to like you.

Luke Menard looks like a cross between Luke Perry and Orlando Bloom, and that ain't all bad.


He said about himself that he only looks like Ellen Degeneres from the right and the left and the front. He's 18 and adorable. He was the last one chosen from the Hollywood auditions.

Colton sang Suspicius Minds and was my second WOW of the night. He made it his own. And he's cute.

I like this guy.


He would look great on the cover of Teen Scene Magazine. He's cute.

Ryan compared him to Leif Garrett and Peter Frampton. Okay.
In his audition he sounded like a girl.
He sang Breaking Up is Hard to Do without the Neil Sedaka oomph.
In the close-ups, we saw a pathetic little mustache--okay he's only 17--but please shave until you're twenty.

I'm just sad for you and your lip.

Simon told him he needed fresh air and that he's pale. He needs to become relevant.
That's like telling him to grow a mustache, Simon.


I think I'm in love with the dreadlock drummer.
This 20 year old had only performed in public 5 times before this show.
I've always beem a sucker for John Travolta, and there are those eyes and that smile, holy cow! He sang What A Day For A Daydream and played his guitar.

I love him, love him, love him. Jason MUST keep that hair back because he's knock-me-out gorgeous and adorable with killer eyes and smile.
Did I mention that?

Simon called his performance in the top 2 of the night.
He said it was effortless and that he had charisma.
Well, YEAH! Jason was overwhelmed and said, "I was scared up here."

How can America not love this kid?


Michael was my pick from the auditions. Well, that was before I fell for Jason Castro. Michael sang Bohemian Rhapsody in the Hollywood auditions and Light My Fire tonight.

The judges loved him. Even Simon.
Simon called hin the most consistant, a natural with charisma.
Well, yeah, but that was before Jason Castro.
He didn't change the song he did, and it was good, but I wasn't thrilled.
He has kind of a weird vibrato that permeates all his songs.

So, my top picks of the night are:

And yours?


  1. I liked the first singer the best, David Hernandez, but I also liked Robbie Carrico, David Archuleta and Michael Johns. I'm giving Luke Menard another chance on the basis that he's gorgeous. He HAS to have a good voice, right?
    Did you watch Biggest Loser? I went back and forth. I do think that show is inspiring me to lose weight!
    Charlene Sands

  2. great first night!

    I wasn't so thrilled with David H. for me he was okay. I liked Chick's suit, but that was about all.

    David c's hair drives me nuts and he visually reminds me of someone I used to work with so that's distracting.

    love David A. That boy has talent! It will be exciting to watch him grow throughout the contest.

    Danny. umm, honey, pull back just a bit on the queenie 'tude! Now, not that it necessarily bothers me, but it seemed a little forced and...it's not gonna help.

    Luke--oohh, can I have him on the cover of one of my novels? Hopefully loosening up will help. darn those nerves anyhoo.

    Colton. He's a fun guy. Love his pale, pale eyelashes. I thought he did okay.

    Garrett--I remember when Lief G. and Frampton were on the teen mags. and this boy would fit rght in--give him a shade lighter hair, some spandex tight clothes. But please, don't try to counteract the pale skin with heavier makeup==unless he goes goth!

    Jason was the surprise like..uh love..of the night! Looks, song, aura. Love his dreads!

    Michael. He'll stick around. Maybe simon likes him so much because of that little vibrato (which I can find irritating) since Simon does the Divo bit too.

    speaking of--despite how he says stuff, for me at least, he's usually right. I did laugh at Ryan's 'neglecting' to thank him.

    Tonight with the girls is gonna be interesting!

  3. Two comments and we're already agreeing.

    I held back on mentioning Danny's queen attitude, *lizzie, so thanks for saying it. LOL

    Yes, Simon is often spot on with his observations. And Paula is kind, but only visiting this planet.

  4. Cher- your comment about Paula was "spot on" today. When I saw her so spaced out, I turned to dh and we couldn't believe it. She's high on something, but it was extremely obvious last night. Sometimes she does a better job of concealing it.

  5. Char, I know she's had a lot of surgeries and dealt with pain in her neck from that accident she was in years ago. From the few Hey paula episodes I watched, the woman never sleeps. I mean she's on that channel where they sell stuff (don't watch it, the word escapes me) she's doing guest appearances, she's designing clothing and perfume and catching sleep on airplanes.

    Some of it I think is total exhaustion.

    And I have a really bad picture of her I want to share. Because I'm naughty like that.

  6. I agree with you wholeheartedly except maybe Colton. I haven't made up my mind yet about him. On a downer note. I made it all the way to the airport, through security and to the gate and realized I was just too sick to fly this morning. So dear hubby is on his way to your town and I'm back home nursing this nasty bug. No lunch this trip Cheryl! Bummer

  7. Oh no! I was hoping to get a call from you this week!

    I DO hope you feel better ASAP!

    Cher :-)

  8. Betsy, so SORRY you have what is rampant down here. Had hoped I could meet you with Cheryl since you are from here and I have visited Pacific NW 12 times.

    Tuned in when Chikezie was on; agree with CSJ so tuned out immediately so next comments are on appearance only: Jason looks like my bil Tom before he went in the Army; YES killer eyes too; Michael resembles Tim Daly; Luke reminds me of Hugh Jackman; agree with Ryan & *lizzie about Garrett. Enjoy your evals Cheryl as I am tone deaf & wouldn't have a CLUE what to listen for! LOL

  9. david a. Rocks!!!! literally....