Wednesday, February 20, 2008

American Idol, Season Seven: The Girls

Voting is now open for the girls.
(Note how many of their names start with "A.")
It was sixties week, remember.

She sold a barrel horse to get to the auditions. She sang Rescue Me, and she does a freaky thing with her eyes, often opens them scary-wide as she sings. She didn't do anything special with the song, nor was her voice particularly special.

The judges didn't have anything good to say.
Bronchitis was Ryan's excuse for her (because she's hot).


She's the plus-size model, with a very pretty Jennifer Lopez-like face. She sang Say A Little Prayer, and it was a little whiney, nasally. I didn't care for her voice.

I wanted to be, but I wasn't impressed.


At 16, she's the youngest of the group. She sang More Today Than Yesterday with a big voice. Simon didn't know the song, but he liked ehr a lot. The other judges liked her, too.

I enjoyed her song a lot.


She's the visting nurse who rides a harley and has had a lot of camera attention. I wanted her to surprise me and not sound the same as the audition, and she deliberately didn't sing a Janis Joplin number. She's rocker to the max and sang Baby Please Don't Go. Simon likes her, but asked if she forgot words.

She laughed as she asked, Haven't you ever heard this song before?" and he said he hadn't.

She has a beautiful mother. She's okay for me.


Poor baby sang Where The Boys Are, and I was embarrassed for her. I think my husband went tone deaf, because he said it wasn't so bad. She is PAINFUL to listen to.

I felt bad for her, because she made it this far, but she did about as well as I could have.

Paula said she was "lackluster" and that was serious criticism coming from Miss Sunshine.


She's a nanny and plays the keyboard. Decison day in Hollywood, she cried the entire time, even as she sat waiting for her verdict. I thought she'd never make it under pressure this week, but she did fine.

She sang Happy Together (David Cook sang it last night) and I loved her big black fake eyelashes. She's very pretty witha great smile.
I liked her, but I wasn't blown away.

Maybe with another song.

At the auditions she hugged her great-grandmother and the 91 year old lady said, "Don't make me cry, they're takin' pictures." It was precious.

Alexandrea said, "If it's music, then throw it at me and i'll catch it."
She sang Spinning Wheel and wore a huge peace sign earring, which I dug.
She performed the song confidently.
Simon didn't get it.

She was good, but I was a little disappointed in her vocal, because I wsnted to be impressed, but I really wasn't.


She's a recording studio assistant and a classy dresser.

She sang A Groovy Kind of Love, which is a song I love, but the judges didn't. They wanted to see the fun Kady. They love her ,but not the song or the performance.

She has a big voice, and I thought she was pretty good.


Two days before audistions her father was killed in an auto accident. She sang How Do I Live Without You? and was amazing, faltering only at the chorus when she thought about the words.

Tonight she sang A Little Piece of My Heart. She has an unusual voice and had fun with the song. She was Simon's favorite so far.

I thought she was good.


She's Phillipino and works at a sushi restaurant. Very pretty, very sweet, teeny girl with a teeny little speaking voice, but WOW does she sing BIG and effortlessly.
She sang You Don't have to Say You Love Me in an awesome performance.

Simon said he didn't like her at first, but that now she has outsung them all.
When Ryan asked what she liked best so far, she answered, "Hair and make-up" and showed him her shoes!

Adorable. Awesome.

The first WOW of the night for me.


During Hollywood week she lost her voice and went on vocal rest to blow them away at the audition. She's an actress and can she belt a song.

She sang Tobacco Road with a powerhouse voice.

Effortless, Awesome.

Simon said it didn't matter it wasn't her best performance because she's one of the best.


The Irish girl who was my early pick in the auditions owns a tatoo shop. She made a record when she was 17. She was in the competition last year, but had visa issues and had to drop out.

She said, "I don't want to be a diva or a prima dona, I'm just here to sing."
And how. She sang The Shadow of Your Smile, and oh can this girl sing.

She isn't particularly attractive while she's singing some of the parts and notes, but I can ignore that.

Randy said it was the best vocals of the night.
Ryan revealed Carly has bronchitis. WHA-AT?
She said, "Sick isn't an excuse."
Simon thought it was an old-fashioned song. He expected fantastic after what he'd heard previously.
I loved her.

My picks of the night:

What did you think??


  1. well, it was an interesting night. Flu or no... With the exception of Alaina, the first eight were pretty forgetable for me. Oh, I wanted to like Joanna, too and was really disappointed.

    Amanda-well I'm waiting for a rock ballad. She's kinda screamy for me.
    I do hope the trucker votes for her. LOL

    Brooke and Alexandrea just irritate me. some people just do. They sang okay.

    Asia'h and Syesha were pretty darn good.

    I can't watch Carly sing. That little nose crinkle just isn't cute. I like her alot though.

    My pick for the night was Ramielle. I think she's got a good future no matter what happens on idol.

    all in all, for me, despite the judges opinions that a couple of the gilrs could be 'it', they're really gonna have to keep their game on of the guys will blow them away. But then, historically I've liked male voices better.

    this should be a great season!

  2. Yes, it's the nose crinkle and the face squish, and unfortunately her teeth aren't very attractive.

    Ramielle is way ahead on Dial Idol stats.

    I think you're right - the guys have more going for them, so far, so these gals need to step it up.

    Of course, none of them have worked with the voice coaches yet, or had their major makeovers, so the best is yet to come.

  3. I'm with Lizzie for the most part. My picks were Ramiele, Asia'l and Kady.
    I really liked Carly in the auditions but last night it just wasn't there. Alex and I watched it together and both agreed the guys seem to be much better this year.

  4. A lot of my family and Italian friends were watching this little tiny girl name Ramielle Malubay and were we shocked. This cute little itsy beetie girl can sing. We gave her thumbs up. The guys thought Kady was awesome. I am wondering if they based this more for her looks. However we all agree that whether Ramielle makes it or not to the final she is still a winner. What a voice @