Wednesday, February 27, 2008

AMERICAN IDOL Feb 27th: The Girls

The girls made it really difficult to vote. One of Dial Idols great new features is that you can either vote to keep contestants safe or vote to make them unsafe. I liked that, because last night I picked my two I thought should go and voted to make them UNSAFE. In that case, the dialer calculates who's getting the most votes and votes to keep all your people except the two you're rejecting safe - so if one of them has a minimal number of votes, it will vote for them the most. Most of my favorites were already favorites, so it voted for three underdogs but not the two I didn't want to stay.

With the girls it was much more difficult. Nobody blew me away. No one stood out. One or two did much better than last week, but still can't hold a candle to the guys.

Here's my overview:
Carly Smithson, my early favorite is married. She and her hubby own a tatoo shop, but she works around the corner at an Irish pub. (She's Irish.) She sang a Heart song, Crazy on You that she'd always wanted to sing. Besides the weird nose crinkle, she bounces her boobs while she sings. She was good in comparison to everyone else.
Randy: sone problems, but all right
Paula: amazing
Simon: incredible singer, none can touch her vocally, but she has yet to choose that one great song.

Syesha Mercado does local commercials in Miami and can mimic a crying baby. She sang Me and MISTER Jones, a weird little twist. Not terrible, but I wasn't that impressed.
Randy: song choice not that great
Simon: song not written for a girl
Brooke White went to beauty school and dropped out to sing. She played her guitar and sang You're So Vain in exactly the same way Carly Simon sang it. It was very good. I wasn't wowed, but the judges liked it and liked the song choice.
Simon: absolutely loved it, perfect song for her, the reason they put her through

Ramiele Malubay, my favorite by far last week can do Polynesian dancing. She sang Don't Leave Me This Way which didn't show off her voice AT ALL. She's too cute for the unflattering outfit. She was good. I wasn't wowed, but she was still better than plenty of the others.
Randy: not a great song
Paula: ditto, but truly amazing vocals
Simon agreed with Paula - better than last week. (what?) "I think you're terrific, one of the top three, but not with that song."

Kristy Lee Cook is a tomboy who rides horses. Maybe that accounts for why she stands with her legs spread so far apart. It's distracting and unattractive and unladylike. Though she didn't do the weird eye thing and she sounded MUCH better than last week, does she have to do the splits while she sings?
Randy: 100% improvement
Paula: you're back, good song choice
Simon: huge improvement, potential

Amanda Overmyer, the rocker, is a bookworm. She sang Wayward Son, a Kansas song. I LOVED her pants! Way cool. I hated her hair--awful.
Randy: too much melody for a bluesy girl
Paula: thinks Amanda can DANCE! brilliant artist, not on the verse, not the right song
Simon: contrived, terrible hair, ugly song

I was disappointed in Amanda.

Alaina Whitaker, the youngest doesn't like her food to touch on her plate. She sang Hopelessly Devoted, and did a pretty good job of it, except that she bombed on the low notes. She didn't finish with Olivia's signature high note either.
Randy: not a good song
Paula: real good job
Simon: likes her, but thinks her grandmotehr prepared her, it was pageant-y, but he likes her more than he did a couple weeks ago

Alexandrea Lushington ws a poster girl for the Atlanta Fire Dept and once sang at ground zero. She sabe Please Don't Go in a hideous outfit of cargo short and ankle high heel boots with a hoodie vest. She just just all right.
Randy: made it her own, impressed from day one
Simon: big fan early on, she's struggling now, song is stuck in its time period, she was inconsistent, the performance was boring. Simon thought she looked great!

Kady Malloy, the imitator sings opera-style in the bathroom. Great dress and leggings. Sang I'm a Magic Man by Heart, unfamiliar to me, and she's a good performer. It was okay.
Randy: notes didn't work
Paula: low notes not good, but power notes were great
Simon: find the right song; he's struggling to get an impression - she's good on the films and when she imitates but not in the performance; her song didn't go anywhere

By the time Asia'h Epperson sang, I was still waiting to be blown away, but the cheerleader didn't do it for me. She had long straight hair extensions that she played with. The Celine song was way too big for her raspy voice. Not good imho.
Randy: the ending brought it home
Paula: agreed
Simon: it's one of the top divas songs of all time and she's not a diva; not that good of a singer, the song showed her up, was a silly decision. I agreed.
So, the girls just aren't cutting it.
Last night I voted to make Luke and Robbie unsafe.
Like I said, this was a more difficult decision. No one stuck out as great. Tonight I'm voting to keep Alexandrea and Asia'h unsafe. Even though the others weren't great, they were better, and it all comes down to comparisons.

Tomorrow night we'll see who gets the cut.

Oh, and entirely off the subject, Paula (or her wardrobe person) was so wise to select that huge necklace for her low-cut top. She has the most unattractive cleavage and shouldn't wear things that show it.


  1. I was so unimpressed by the girls last night--enough so I was glad the show was over. I don't even have many memorable thoughts--except costumes. Yikes--did Alexandrea dress in everyone's leftovers? Was Amanda trying out for bride of frankenstein with that hair?

    Unlike the judges, I wasn't impressed with Brooke--of course for whatever unknown reason, I don't care for her anyhoo.

    I'd like to hear Amanda sing a rock BALLAD.Theree's some great ones out there that could show off her voice.

    But anyway...I didn't even vote. I'll have to check out that unsafe feature on dialidol!

  2. I also was unimpressed with the girls. Amanda's hair looked like she was the dog stealer in 101 Dalmations! Yuck!

    I was so unimpressed I went to bed and just listened for the last 1/2 hour. Very unlike me with Idol.

    I missed the guys on Tuesday night but watched your blog video and agree with your choices Cheryl.

    It's good to be back online. I've been email-less for a week and lost, lost, lost.

  3. I missed the video Tuesday night of Paula's dance. Do you have a Utube for that Cheryl???

  4. The girls didn't blow me away this week either. I have to admit that I'm voting for David A and won't stop. "Imagine" put goose pumps on my arms and I rewound the DVR to listen again. That's my test - if I want to hear it again and again. And the goose bumps. Got em with Carrie Underwood and Clay Aiken too.
    David's the winner in my book -- and what a sweet guy!

  5. The girls were definitely not that good last night. I liked Brooke's song the best but I think there were a lot of poor song choices made. I think many of those girls could have done so much better.

  6. Don't watch but thanks for the visual images *lizzie & Betsy on Amanda's hair! LOL

    Betsy, glad you back on-line; been off a couple of times and LOST, LOST, LOST is so apt an expression!
    Hope you are physically revoered as well.

    Charlene, you mentioned the only 2 names I recognize from AI and like their music so added to CSJ's vote, I may tune in for David A or tape & zero in on him. Of course, having a great name like my son David doesn't hurt.

  7. maybe the dangling cleavage is from all the bouncing from dance jumps & activities over the years. Mine is better than that but I am nowhere near her slender shape (ROFL)

    Wow, Betsy, my spelling was definitely NOT checked- I meant recovered!

  8. Thanks Lou. Yes, I'm recovered from my bout with bronchitus, but now everyone in my office has that flu bug, so I'll probably get it next! Such postive thinking. I'm drinking lots of Airborne and trying to avoid it.

  9. Betsy, Airborne really worked for me- fought a cold off in 3 days of no work, church, nothing but rest, instead of the usual 7-10 days of misery.

  10. What are the ingedients? I swear by Zicam.