Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It was Seventies night. I love when they do 60s and 70s cause that's my favorite music. My opinions were shattered and twisted this week, oh my goodness. From my first predictions, through their beginning night until now, well, I wasn't prepared.

Michael Johns, songwriter, plays in tennis tournaments. Wore and orange 70s style T-shirt and sang Go Your Own Way, a Fleetwood Mac song. The crowd liked him. I like his eyebrow lift when he waits for the judges. Jay liked the tone of his voice. I wasn't wowed. I thought it was just okay. Simon said it was his weakest performance yet.

Jason Castro, my favorite from last week. Hates interviews and seems uncomfortable with speaking before the cameras. He played guitar and sang I Just Wanna be Your Everything and did his own thing. I wanted to love it because he's so cute and has that killer John Travolta smile. It was only okay for me.

Randy didn't think the vocals were great, Paula suggested next week no guitar, Simon called it schmaltzy, out of sorts and said he chose an average song. I knew he needed to step it up, but after hearing the others this night, I KNOW he has to seriously step it up or he's gone. Jason can't complete with David Hernandez or David Archuleta.

Luke Menard has been singing in an acapeela group for a few years. he sang a song I think was alled Anytime, but I didn't recognize it. It was a difficult song and he did okay. Vocally, it was better than last week, but he's just not the calibur of these other guys. Ryan made a Dawson's Creek joke, so I'm guessing he looks like someone on that show? Luke gets my vote for the boot.

I liked Robbie Carrico this week. he drag races, and he sang a song I love - Hot Blooded (Foreigner) and while it was okay, Paula said he played it safe and Simon said it was okay, he can't hold a candle to the other voices and performances.
Robbie gets my vote to go buh-bye this week.

Danny Noriega, who makes me want to puke when he talks was in a punk rock band in 8th grade. It PAINS me to say this, but he sang a Carpenter's Song (no comment) and I have to admit he sang it well. He has a nice voice. Pauls said he looks good on camera, and Simon said he's interesting, but he tried too hard.

My first WOW of the night was David Hernadez. Dance Wars watchers have heard Papa Was a Rolling Stone repeatedly, so at first I wasn't impressed with his song choice, but he does a great performance and has a GREAT voice! David kicked butt with that song.
Randy: Hot!
Paula: pure voice, amazing notes, perfect
Simon: best vocal of the night so far. Simon said he wasn't a fan at first, but he's ready to raise up his hands and say, "I'm a fan."

Jason Yeager was okay for me. He playes piano and drums. He sang a Doobie Brothers song, Without Love and did better than last week.
Randy: pitchy, not a great song
Paula: saw a fun side, but song didn't show vocal range
Simon: last week was boring, this week was awkward and ordinary

Last week I was irate that Colton the Cutie left and Cheezi stayed. Here it comes, are you ready? I was wrong. Chikezie is a Nigerian name with a beautiful meaning which I can't remember. He ditched the suit and should have ditched the polo shirt, too, but it was better, and he sang I Believe to My Soul, and it was very well done, well performed with energy, and his voice is excellent.
Randy: Blazin', you're back
Paula: clever, brilliant and fun. Chikezie also scored points from Randy for picking a song made famous by Donny Hathaway, the father of one of the "Idol" backup singers.
Simon: looked better, sounded a million times better, clever choice of song
In the song, he sang, "my name is Chikezie."

David Cook is a word nerd and loves crossword puzzles. he played the guitar and sang All Right Now, and he rocked the house. LOVED his voice!
Randy: real rocker, smart song choice
Paula: the real deal, ya got it, smart, fun, relevant
Simon: solid, but the crossword film was boring compared to drag racing etc., not a lot of charisma.

Crosswords may not be as exciting as drag racing, but this David's performance beat the drag racer's (Robbie's) hands down.
And last, which was a very good thing, because who would have wanted to follow???
David Archuleta. Hang on to your socks. I held my breath while David performed this beautiful rendition of John Lennon's Imagine.

The way I always judge my top favorites is whether or not I will buy an album when one is released. I would buy David's.

I won't tell you any more because words aren't adequate.
Listen to the song and the judges comments in the post below this one.


  1. wow--it was an interesting night. And like you my favorites kinda jumped around.

    I will bite my tongue, too, about Danny's choice of a Carpenter's song. We did get a wide variety of seventies, didn't we?

    I was amazed with David A. OMG! It is taking a huge, huge chance picking a song that is so identifiable with one person. That said, David took the song and made it his own--keeping the simplicity and beauty of the music. I agree with Simon--there had to be 19 rather depressed conteestants after he sang. LOL

    they need to have Emerile as a guest star because everyone else is gonna have to kick it up a notch--or four.

    Now, on to the ladies...

  2. I haven't watched Idol for a few years, but I'm like you Cheryl in that I always asked myself if I would buy a contestant's album. One of the first times I thought that was when Fantasia sang Summertime. Amazing!

    I watched David's song and WOW! I cannot believe he's 17! It's like one of the judges said. He was born to do this. What an amazing performance. And I was equally amazed by the video of him singing to the first group of Idol finalists at the age of 11.

  3. I was also not too excited by the first few until David Hernandez came on. I liked him last week and hoped he did better and he really did. I can't believe Simon said that being into words was boring. Aren't they all singing words?

  4. Thanks for all the analysis; like having our own private commentator!!

    And WOW on the video below!!

  5. << they need to have Emerile as a guest star because everyone else is gonna have to kick it up a notch--or four. >>

    LOL! Exactly, *lizzie!

    Lou, I hope I'm not like Joan Rivers after the read carpet! LOL

  6. Yea, I thought that comment about his crosswords being boring was uncalled for. So, he passes the waiting doing word puzzles -- duh -- he's smart.

  7. Tonight are the girls, Julie. It's not too late to tune in!

  8. Cheryl, just thought that was a Freudian slip "read- author"! LOL

    Cheryl, you are MUCH nicer, warmer and prettier in a natural way than Joan. She looks like someone put her in a pencil sharpener! (all that nip/tuck)