Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Healthy Travel Food Choices

You're at the airport or a convenience store gas station during a trip and you're hungry. It's always my first inclination to grab a candy bar or a bag of pretzels - or both. But if I stop to think about it, here are a few healthier items to look for. These snacks have less than 250 calories and deliver nutrients that your body needs.

Crunchy Peanut Butter Clif Bar 240 calories: It's candy-bar delicious-but with 5 g of fiber plus vitamins and minerals.

Ultra Slim-Fast, Dark Chocolate Fudge Flavor 11-oz drink, 220 calories: It tastes like a shake but is fortified with 5 g of fiber plus vitamins and minerals.

Dannon Yogurt Fruit on the Bottom Strawberry Low-Fat Yogurt 8-oz cup, 210 calories: Sweet and creamy-it contains 300 mg of bone-preserving calcium.

Kraft Handi Snacks Mozzarella String Cheese 1 oz, 80 calories: As much calcium as half a glass of milk, it's great paired with V8

Healthy Request V8 100 Percent Vegetable Juice 10-oz bottle, 70 calories: Richly satisfying, and you get a ton of cancer-fighting beta-carotene and lycopene.

Heinz Simple Goodness Peaches 4-oz jar, 70 calories: This baby food tastes like dessert-but has as much fiber (2 g) as a whole peach!

Werther's Original Candies 1 piece, 20 calories: There are no vitamins, but this buttery morsel takes 10 minutes to melt in your mouth.

Planters Honey-Roasted Cashews 1.5-oz bag, 230 calories: Treat your heart to monounsaturated fat, vitamin E, and tocotrienols.


  1. I think authors should get residuals for product placements in books. It's the new trend in television and movies; why not novels? Your character could be drinking an icy,delicous Coke (cha ching) Of course, it probably wouldn't work too well in historicals. There's not much call for Dr. Watson's Cure All anymore! My thought for the day..

  2. But, you know, the Harlequin/Silhouette experience is so much the opposite. There is much caution involved with including a brand name, due to fear of lawsuits or what-have-you. Editors seem to make the calls on Coke and similar products; some change to cola, sme leave it.

  3. Yogurt is my choice for a quick snack. It's a good way to get the calcium we need.

  4. We always take a small cooler with yogurt, string cheese, fruit and water and usually have a jar of cashews too because their Dennis' favorites. The kids always wanted the sweet stuff, but now that it's just the old folks we can make healthier choices. Good ideas Cheryl.

  5. Thanks for this list, Cheryl. I'm on the Slim Fast diet. Have lost 30 lbs in four months. When we stop at a convenience store I grab a Slim Fast (if it's time for a shake) or a small bag of peanuts for protein. Ok, I am addicted to CHIPS AHOY! CHUNKY...lol!

  6. Mel, congratulations on perseverance! I marvel when people have the fortitude to accomplish what you are doing! Keep it up!!
    (we don't have space for all my addictions to sweets & foods! ROFL!)

    Cheryl, thanks for the list of 8.
    I love anything crunchy or chewy.
    Been eating healthy this week-greens, red & orange peppers, 5-10 min in the freezer for 10 grapes-got to limit the sugar; lemon or lime slices in my water, avocados,
    14 flavors of 80-100 calorie yogurts.
    Betsy, you can pack for me anytime! LOL