Friday, August 10, 2007

Most Annoying Poduct Mascots

I think that Caveman rates right up at the top. I don't get it. And I can't even tell you which product it's advertising. I only know it's stoopid and I wouldn't even put the freaky picture here.

Then the Burger King Plastic Head Guy. What's up with THAT? He'd send a kid screaming for his mother. The Geico gekko thing is okay. Jay always laughed at the Aflac duck, but where did he go? Then there's that little gnome guy. That's wierd, too.

Also find all the cell phone commercials irritating, except for IDK my BFF Jill, and I don't see that enough, but couldn't tell you the company.

Remember the parody I posted a while back with Captain Jack?

So which mascots irk the poo out of you?


  1. I kept trying not to like the gecko (sp.?) and the cavemen for Geico insurance, but they grew on me!

  2. I enjoyed the Aflac duck ads, too. lol I haven't been watching much tv this summer so I can't really think of any that really annoy me.