Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fall TV: The Bionic Woman

Jaime Sommers is an ordinary woman whose world turns upside down when she's involved in near-fatal car accident. Her uber-scientist boyfriend uses his medical skills to save her life by giving her a bionic eye, ear, arm and legs -- but in the process he transforms her life into one filled with danger, action and adventure.
Premieres Wed., Sept. 26, 9PM ET on NBC

Will it live up to the hype? I have to say the commercials make it look really good.
Hey, if the show's a wash, British actress Michelle Ryan can always get a gig hawking sleep number beds.


  1. I agree the commercials make this look good. I think I'll check it out.

  2. Was never a big fan of the old show. I'll skip the new one.

  3. I wonder... If people like it, will there be a new version of The Bionic Man, too?

  4. Yeah, and what if they get married and have a couple of bionic kids.

    Oh, wait, that's the Incredibles.

    Well, tnhey could get a bionic dog like Rin Tin Tin to help them out, that would be different.

    cracking myself up....

  5. You're cracking me up too, Cheryl. I swear I'm laughing out loud. Hahahahaha!
    All of a sudden I pictured The Tin Man from THE WIZARD OF OZ. LOL! Wonder if they'd all need oil for sore joints? Oh..we could really have fun with this....

  6. I want to see that... where is my picture in all of these people??