Friday, August 17, 2007

More First Days

Eric's first day of 3rd grade

Adam's first day of 6th grade

Ryan's first day of 8th grade


  1. All your grandkids are adorable!
    Ryan 8th grade. . .
    How did he get that tall?


  2. Cheryl, the previous poster refers to these beautiful children as your grandkids, which surprised me. I assumed they were your children.

    My baby graduated high school back in May. School started here this week and for the first time in 25 years, I don't have to roll a kid out of bed and shove him/her out the door to catch the bus!

    Free at last, baby! LOL!

  3. OH NO! My cover is blown! LOL, Devon.

    Barb, six lashes with a wet noodle. I kid all the time that I never say "grandchildren." They are my kids, the darlings, the adorable ones, etc..

    What a relief with your youngest graduated. I know the feeling...however...I am back in the drop off lane at school again with my eight-year-old live-in darling. Sometimes life is unpredicatable.

  4. Oops. I also thought they were your children. I was just beginning to wonder exactly how many you had...

  5. NINE! And I still have my girlish figure.


  6. Yes, Cheryl, you have an admirable figure (and work at it) and really "clean up nice."
    You look so polished/professional at book signings- a model for how GREAT maturity can look; yet approachable. I have 3 Christian friends who each have 10 grandkids & they all resemble your attire & gracious manners. (I just started late so none in the offing.)
    enough fawning- but sincere!

  7. Many thanks, Lou. I was being a bit self-deprecating since I've not "worked at it" all summer.
    :-( It's been too dinged hot to walk, which has always been my fave. My husband calls me a fair weather gardener, and he's right on. July and August don't find me doing much yard work. Only chasing butterflies in the shade. LOL