Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Beauty Pageant Word Scramble

While on the surface it may appear as though Miss South Carolina's blow dryer fried her brain this particular morning, she's actually quite articulate as well as well-versed in world geography and global education. She is in fact earning money for college by teaching public speaking and has since started a fund to buy maps for underprivileged US Americans. I decoded her reply and it's really a word scramble that only a genius could have come up with so quickly. Can you decode it without writing it down and studying the words? No? Well, then there you have it. The judges are out of their minds for not voting her number one.


  1. OK, I don't get it. What's she really saying, Cheryl?
    I clicked on one of the other boxes at the bottom called "What The Buck?" It's hysterical! Please watch...

  2. Well, of course, she's really saying, "I want world peace!"


  3. No way! LOL! Reminds me of "Miss Congeniality". I love both movies. Have you seen them, Cheryl?

  4. Loved both of those movies. There are only 3 Sandra Bullock movies that I don't love:
    Two if by Sea or whatever that title was, The Lakehouse (could not suspend disbelief) and Premonition - it never did make sense, even after it was over.

    My faves of all time are Hope Floats, Miss Congeniality, 28 Days and Practical Magic.