Monday, August 27, 2007

Another First Day of School - Brenda's Baby

Here's Brenda's gorgeous daughter, Melissa, off to her first day as a college senior!
Thanks for sharing her with us.


  1. You have a beautiful daughter Brenda! I have one "baby" left to go. My 18 year old, Alex starts his final year in the Masters Program at Eastern WA University this year. He doesn't go back until the end of September though. Lucky guy!

  2. Brenda! *g* You gave her a beautiful name! How was her first day? I only put in two years at Texas Tech in Lubbock, TX.

  3. Melissa her first day was good even with the 300 less parking spaces. She has 6 classes this semester and works full time so it will be really hard to get through. Thanks for asking about her.

    How is it in Florida? I got to go there this summer to go to Disney World and it was great. I would love to be there I would like to work there. Maybe when I retire it will be the place for me.