Wednesday, August 01, 2007

along came a spider........

Kristin discovered this guy about 10 pm last night as she walked out the side garage door. Thankfully, a sensor light comes on, so she didn't run smack into it. She shrieked bloody murder just seeing it.
Warning: Don't click to enlarge unless you're not freaked out by spiders.

Pretty cool pic for night, eh? Too bad the awesome web didn't show up.

Golly, Wally, it's the 1st of August! That's means it's almost time to host our guest blogger! Drumroll, please. She'll be here tomorrow!


  1. Yucky!
    Spider and awesome do NOT belong in the same sentence! :)
    The web shows up fine after you spray the beejeebers out of it (and said spider) with Raid!!!!
    I'd rather have a snake!

  2. That was a great picture Cheryl, but I agree with Barb. Spider and awesome don't belong together!!

  3. EWE!!!! I shivered! P.S. How do you post your pictures on here with their cute little frames?

  4. Cute little frames? You mean the line around the pictures? I don't do it on purpose, they just post that way when I upload them.

  5. Maybe awful would be a better word...?

    Actually I don't mind the critters much, once they're nothing like the huge hairy ones that abound where I live.