Sunday, August 26, 2007


I've selected four readers to recieve an ADVANCE READING COPY of A Western Winter Wonderland.

I would love it if, after you've read it, you posted your opinion on amazon .com or barnesandnoble .com or any other reader sites that you frequent. This is not a requirement. Gifts come with no strings. But if you wanted to, I would apprectiate the gesture.

The very first readers of this October release are:






because she already had Christmas Gold when her name was drawn

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention...not only have *I* signed these books, but Pam Crooks will also sign her story. I'm running over with a stack tomorrow, so she can autograph them to you personally.

I love my readers!

Send your snail mail address to me at:


  1. Thank you VERY much Cheryl!!! I can't wait to get it and review it for you. Congrats to all the winners!!! Hey LuckyLou how have you been?

  2. Congrats, winners! I know you'll love it.

  3. I am so happy can't wait to read your book and I know it will be great. I will put a review on Amazon for you too.
    Congrats to all the other winners too.

    Pam thanks in advance for signing it too. Can't wait....

  4. Congratulations to all of you winners. We'll all be too busy reading to get to your blog Cheryl!

  5. Oh, I'm so jealous! lol! Congrats winners!
    Cheryl, I can't wait to read this book. I LOVE Christmas theme books. Will you have more contests for copies?

  6. Oh I can hardly wait!!!!!
    I'm sure that I will love it!

  7. Cheryl, I was swamped and came back to find my name in bold like a "wanted" poster--
    THANKS for continuing my LUCKY streak! ROFL I'll be haunting the mail box!
    happy to do a review-like recommending my favorite restaurant-easy as rolling off a log.
    Sue, I am recovering my health and juggling 3 jobs & a dog, with some help from hubby & adult son.
    Betsy, now that I know the secret to getting on the site, I will be here "come hell or high water" (does that sound western? LOL)
    4 cliches on a writer's blog- so shoot me. #5

    Now, Mel, don't be greedy. (The pot calling the kettle black- I'm on a roll & better stop-it's late & I'm getting punchy!) #6, 7
    AND 8.
    Yes, Pam, thanks a bundle for the duo-signatures. Are you in/near Omaha since Cheryl said she is taking them to you? And yes, you are a WAY Youthful Gma! You have some great bookcovers on your site found via Petticoats & Pistols where I read your bio.
    Cheryl & Pam- I have a birdfeeder in the shape of a steepled church (neighbor brought it in her carry on luggage from Maryland as a special Thank you gift)and I gave my Dad a LARGE music box same shape so this cover is meaningful to me. REALLY looking forward to reading all 3 stories.

  8. Cheryl, will you ask Pam sign to Lou Ann as you did?

  9. Luckylou,

    Yes, Cheryl and I live very close to one another--actually within walking distance. Times like these, makes it nice!

    Thanks for checking me out, too. If you're who I think you are, I met you at a booksigning at B&N in Omaha.

  10. Pam, I have been to 1 or 2 B&N signings of Cheryl's but I'm getting absent-minded unless I have something, usually visual or a clue, to jog my memory about our meeting. I think there were 22 authors there that weekend. You may have seen the photo Cheryl posted of her & I? She was in Red & white & I in blue. I was the talker! imagine that! ROFL Did you catch it that I work PT at Borders now?

  11. LOL! Lou. Not greedy just wishful thinking. I covet Cheryl's books! You are LUCKY working at Borders. So, what can you send me? Some foreign mags. would be cool. I have to rip off the covers. I'll pay postage! ROFL!

  12. It arrived today and I am off to final Jazz on the Green this season to read it!

  13. OOPS! Talk about a "senior moment"!
    Last concert was last week; I even looked at the postcard of dates & read 8/23 as last one & didn't realize today was the 29th!! ROFL
    (you will all come to this eventually.) I drove 20 miles and wondered why the parking gate was closed and the usual crowds weren't walking to the event. What a HOOT! So glad I can chuckle at this. The tip off should have been that my hubbie had a free night from golf and could finally join me!
    Mel, rare to get freebies-did get a Beauty and the Beast (tv series) poster and won my choice of promo materials- chose a CD of a Greek guitar player from MN who is with "One Nation"- plays with a Native American & Irish man, what a combo, true example of our melting pot! He performed during our grand opening & was impressive, easy listening & mellow. You are right about stripping the covers- that's what I do at register on rare times we aren't busy during the day. Hubby said it is like having a Heroin addict in a crack house! ROFL Since he is the one who found the want ad for me, he can't complain. I have been showing admirable restraint--bought 15 books for my son, a diabetic cookbook for me, and 1 signed children's book in 3 months.

  14. Oh my goodness, that is incredible restraint, Lou Ann!

  15. Well, made up for it Fri after the free Shadow Lake concert with High Heel the Band. (Great woman singer BTW who got the little girls dancing, singing on stage with her.) Bought Museum Bk of Weapons for son + 4 for me: aerial photos of England (different POV of places I've seen), "A day in the Life of the American Woman: How we see ourselves" with 50 of World's Top Women Photographers (Cheryl, consider yourself #51!!), Book of Books (111 lists) + 1 more, then donated 2nd book to Girls & Boys Town book drive. Bargain Books are the bomb! Spent my small paycheck but saved $26 AND got 4 chocolate bars/bag of balls 75% off (you can too.) Skimmed "Over the Hill & Between the Sheets"- Jacquline Mitchard has a story among 15-20 others, male & female; mature ladies, check it out!

  16. PS, Thank Heaven for a long weekend with good Books to curl up with; am reading 6 books, plus my devotionals, Bible study, etc. Skipping church so as not to pass on my slight cold.

    Doesn't get me off the hook for sorting books to share/sell. :(
    Cheryl & other readers, what are some of those outlets again?

  17. Great books you picked up, Lou! Did you know a HALF PRICE BOOKS is opening on Center St where Pier 1 closed? Cool, huh?

    paperbackswap .com is a good one.
    Locally, there's Mary's Book exchange on 90th and Blondo.