Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Where have all the bloggers gone?

It's RWA national week in Dallas, so I know where all the writers have gone, but where are all the readers??

I'm growing ornamental gourds this year for the first time, so I just researched online to see what all I've done wrong so far. LOL I thought I would trellis them, but when they didnt seem inclined to go for the trellises I rethunk the situation. Seems they can go either way, ground or trellis, so I'll just let them find their own way. I don't have fruit yet or even flowers; mine are still sending out tendrils and growing vines. I read they love the summer heat, so they ought to do great!

No, I did not take this second picture. I found it so I could project. LOL


  1. I'm still here, Cheryl! lol I think with it being summer lots of us are spending more time outdoors and with our kids. I have so much yard work and the grandkids are keeping me busy. I also have two new kittens that keep away from the computer! lol

    I hope you get lots of good gourds!

  2. Those two kittens must be so cute!!

    I tried growing gourds a few years ago. They were the cute small ones that look great on tables for fall decorations. I would like to try growing the big ones though!

  3. These are the small ones, Kathleen. My info said to shine them with floor polish once they're harvested and washed with bleach water!

  4. I'll have to try that next time! Thanks for the tip :)

  5. Hello Cheryl I am still here I got a new stove with a cool new Blue oven that has a convection oven in it and so I have been baking like crazy it is so great that the kitchen doesn't heat up when I use it. My hubby told me if he bought it I better be baking him stuff and so I have gone nuts with the baking. I have a garden that has gone nuts I planted acorn squash and it is just now starting to come up and go all over the yard, and I planted pumpkins you know what that means a real big part of the yard. I also planted green beans which have done great this year, and cucumbers are going nuts too. Peppers are just now starting to get on the vines and tomato's are full on the vines just waiting to turn red so I can can that should be fun again this year.
    I have read about 4 books this week I am not sure what is going on it seems like last month it took me all month to read one. Hope all is going well and you enjoy your garden if I can figure out how to get the pictures off the camera into the computer I will send you one.

  6. Hi, Brenda! Wow, your garden is WAY ahead of ours! Yes, please send photos -- I'd love to see your veggies!

    I've wondered how you are. Good to hear you're reading. How's the job search?

  7. I will work on the photos for you. And the job search is not doing to well I have went on several interviews but it seems like I guess I am to old because they want only 20 year olds but I am still keeping the faith. Maybe something will come along soon. I had some wonderful things happen this summer, so I guess it has been good I have been off. I am shocked how I have like being home this time. I thought I would go nuts but I have been so busy it is great and I have tons of things to still get done.

  8. Well, it's a blessing you've been able to enjoy the time. Just as it was a blessing you had time with your mom and step-dad. I don't believe in coincidence, so I know things have worked out the way they have for a reason.

    If you want to send me a private email about the kind of job you're looking for I'll keep an eye out. I have a few friends at local companies.