Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday's photos

I can't believe this little guy let me creep so close. He was engrossed in the red gladiola obviously - or I didn't look like a threat.

My butterfly bushes are really big this year. So far they've attracted mostly Monarchs.


  1. oh my goodness these are beautiful pictures. I had a butterfly land on my chest this year when we were walking the dog and it went walking with us a while that is the only one I have seen so you are lucky and they are beautiful. You have a beautiful garden.

  2. beautiful pictures! You really were able to capture their beauty.

  3. You could have been a photographer if you hadn't chosen writing Cheryl. These are beautiful pictures.

  4. When I can get really close to a butterfly I usually don't have my camera! Great pics!!

    I have noticed an increase in the number of different butterflies in my backyard this year. They are gorgeous flying around!