Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday morning in my back yard

My first swallowtail "capture" of the season! Imagine how excited I was to see this fellow on the zinnias!

And he didn't mind having his picture taken.

These are the vines for the ornamental gourds I planted. I will have to take a photo to show you the incredible size of the leaves.

In the center is our birdbath made from old enamel basins.


  1. What a beautiful backyard. We didn't plant anything in our backyard this year since there was a ground hog out there who ate everything last year.

  2. Thank you, Maureen. I don't know that the back yard is all that stunning, but rather that I take creative photographs that don't show the dandilions. LOL

    We fought voles and rabbits for three years. I don't know that they're "all" gone, but at least our cucumbers aren't being eaten before we can get to them this year.

  3. Haven't seen too many butterflies lately. They don't seem to like those white, tall flowers that are growing everyhere now that we don't have any cows anymore. And anyway, autumn is coming. I heard the cranes make noise this morning, so they'll be leaving soon.

  4. Oh, my goodness you have cranes nearby? We can drive about 45 minutes to a place where they're spotted only during a couple of weeks in the fall. People stand in lines to climb a wooden tower and get a glimpse.

    Your autumn must come much sooner than ours here. The USA Midwest is smack dab in the middle of summer, though the oppressive heat has slacked off. We still have unbearable humidity, however.

  5. I can verify for the midwest humidity! Although, I can't complain at all for the recent July temps of the low 80s we just had here.

    Your photos turned out great! It is amazing to see all of the details on butterflies!

  6. Your flowers and photos are just beautiful. I've had a lot of problems with deer this year. They are eating the buds off of everything!

  7. Well, Finland is way up north, so the fall arrives a bit sooner, but with this global warming... Who knows?

    Yep, cranes and swans, too. One day few weeks ago I saw 2 cranes and 2 swans all at the same time. Cranes were looking for food and swans were swimming in the pond that I can see when I step outside.

  8. Love your yard. Are those white flowers shasta daisies? They're beautiful.

  9. Hi, Word! Yes, those are shasta daisies. My friend Chris gave me my first start from her garden, and she had brought hers to Nebraska from Pennsylvania. They absolutely thrive for me, multiply and bloom all entire summer. I cut them and they grow back. I give bouquets away all the time and I've given lots of friends starts.