Saturday, July 07, 2007

almost missed an important holiday!

We almost missed this one, but it's 10:20 pm here so the day's not over yet. I've been out of town for a July 7 wedding (like half the country), and got home to see Sue let me know it's national chocolate day! Who knew?? The holiday, started by the National Confectioners Association, falls on July 7 every year.

Whew! I did have M&Ms and chocolate cake at the wedding, so I observed, even thugh I didn't know. LOL

In light of Chocolate Day, I want to know - what’s your favorite chocolate indulgence?


  1. We have a good friend who immigrated from France 2 years ago. Fabrice used to be a chef in Paris. He knows I'm a chocoholic so about once a month he & his wife invite us over for an amazing wonderful dinner he creates and we ALWAYS have triple chocolate mousse for dessert! Ladies...I can't even describe it! I actually lick the cup that it's served in! LOL Fabrice, say's he loves to cook for someone who appreciates his efforts as much as I do and I'm not ashamed to show it!!!

  2. My favorite chocolate is the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. And of course, all of the drinks at Starbuck's that have chocolate in them.
    Can't wait to read the Montana Mavericks books

  3. How could I have missed national chocolate day! I feel terrible!
    I love white chocolate, too, and chocolate covered carmels are great! I enjoy chocolate covered cheeries but most of all, I love to eat a Hershey's chocolate bar!

  4. Hi, Joye! How have you been?

    Betsy, how fortunate you are to have a French chef cook for you so often! Holy cow! Does Fabrice share his recipes? **g**

  5. You know, I love a good old Hershey bar, too. Chocolate straight up. LOL

  6. Geisha chocolate by Fazer. And all those peanut butter-chocolate sweets I can't buy here!