Saturday, May 26, 2007

Winner #1 - The Barefoot Princess

This week's winner is Sue. Sue receives an autographed copy of Christina Dodd's RITA nominated book, The Barefoot Princess. This is a terrific book, and I know you'll enjoy it, Sue!


  1. Thank you Cheryl! I am always honored when I win. Plus, I always love the books you pick out!!! I just finished the 'freebees' at your signing I went to, so I am ready for a new book! (At least until yours comes out.) Oh, I read Debbie Macomber's 'Susannah's Garden' and would recommend it to anyone!!! It has suspense, lost love, sorrow, happiness, puff moments and makes you think about your "first love." All in one book.
    Thanks again Cheryl. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

  2. Congrats Sue, As for Debbie's they are great too I just finished her new one Back on Blossom Street and it was very good. I hope you does another one to continue more of the stories.

  3. Congratulations Sue!! What a great book to win!