Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Natural Look - Eww!

I just love these kinds of pics! They just make you feel, well, better about yourself, don't they? These women who appear to be such knockouts looks just like us! Er, well, okay, sometimes not as good as us! LOL

Yes, Renee and Julia are easily recognized.


what about this one? Can you even guess?

All I can say is, I WISH I had her makeup person at my house every morning!


  1. But Cheryl ... you look good with or without make-up! And to think Kurt Russell still loves her?!?!
    Oh, I don't have trouble logging in to your site, cuz I never go out. I have your site listed in my favorites and it goes right to your page. No problems.

  2. Neither here nor there - got the book yesterday! Thanks!

  3. brandylynnOh my goodness! I feel SO MUCH better about myself. These makeup people and photographers must be magicians. Cheryl, where do you get these pictures? I can't wait to get home everyday to see what new "stuff" you've found.

  4. Please ignore the "brandylynn" part of my previous post. Someone was being funny on my computer. The rest is good though! I'm amazed by the pictures. :-)

  5. Agree Sue about CSJ's appearance! This blog is set for my favorites but still can't get in first try.

    I guessed Goldie too. Cheryl, isn't Overboard '87 one of your favorites? I have several, and who could forget Laugh-in?

    Betsy, they also have gauze filters, computer enhancement and
    airbrushing. Debra Wingert is another plain jane who can look glamourous.

    I have an unfavorite candid photo of relatives having an exhilarating time white water rafting & I look dour because I was concentrating! Wouldn't want IT posted.

  6. Kurt has always been one of my faves -- particuarly Escape from NY and Soldier. But he's added a few years, too. I guess that's the beauty of love. We still look good to each other. My husband tells me I'm beautiful AFTER I've washed off my makeup at night or first think in the AM with my hair standing on end.

    I still wants Goldie's makeup person.

  7. To answer your question, Betsy, I'm a junkie for this stuff. I take my breaks at my desk, often eat my lunch here and surf between chapters. Now that nice weather's back -- well sort of -- I'll be outside more.

  8. I don't have any web access at work and we all know how busy it can be at home so I don't surf much. Just hit my favorites at night, (your site Cheryl) and email. So...I'll continue to enjoy your contributions.

    Lou, I didn't know about all the tricks, but it's good to know they look like "real people" sometimes isn't it? Luckily I have a husband like Jay who thinks I'm beautiful no matter what I look like.

  9. I guessed Goldie too but it took me a few minutes and I still wasn't sure! lol