Friday, May 04, 2007

Mr. Fix-It

David Boreanaz stars alongside Alana De La Garza in this cute flick.

As Lance Valenteen, Mr. Fix It gets all the dumped men back in the groove by getting their gals back.

Newly dumped guys visit Lance at Mr. Fix It HQ where they plead their case, telling him of that one major flaw that saw their former significant other giving them the axe. Lance gathers the girl’s personal information, sets up a time and place to “accidentally” bump into her, worms his way into her heart, and then, just when she’s totally fallen for him, he takes her ex-boyfriend’s one major flaw and magnifies it, so that he becomes the biggest creep on the planet and the ex becomes Mr. Fantastic again and winds up with the girl. It’s easy money for Lance, but it comes at a price: the business has hardened his heart. But then, romantic comedy formula kicks in, and Lance is assigned to the one girl that turns the tables on him.

I think I'll rent it again, it's been a couple months. If you're a David fan, you'll like it. I appreciated his character growth. And I just appreciated....

TV shows:
Buffy The vampire Slayer (never watched it)
Angel (spinoff - never watched it)
Bones (never MISS it!)

The Hard Easy
Mr. Fix-It
The Perfect Lie
Aspen Extreme
Macabre Pair of Shorts
I'm With Lucy
These Girls
The Crow: Wicked Prayer


  1. I'm a big Angel/David fan, and I just bought "Mr. Fix It" but haven't gotten to watch it yet. I also have "I'm With Lucy" waiting. David is such great "leading man" material, and I wish the movies would discover that and put him in some good romantic comedies. (I thought his "Crow" movie was awful, but I can watch him with the sound off. LOL!)

  2. Let me know what you think of I'm With Lucy. I will have to look for it. Apparently These Girls is an Indy-type film and he plays a married man with a child who is hitting on young girls. Sounds pretty "eww" to me, but maybe the premise could work.

    I'm so glad they discovered him for Bones. He's under-rated IMHO.

  3. I wonder if that DVD would be available at the library...
    I miss Bones. There is still no idea when it will be on tv again around here.