Thursday, May 03, 2007

logging in

Help to sign in

I tried to find answers to your sign in problems and finally found a location on google/blogger that has suggestions. Click on the link abive to go there.

Clear your cache.
Delete your Blogger cookie.
Check your Cookie settings.
Check your JavaScript settings.
Quit your browser and restart it.
Use another browser.


  1. Thanks for the info I only had to log in once today I wonder why it worked so well today but I am not going to question it I am just happy. I will keep the info because I am sure I will be needing it. Thank again for trying to help us out.

  2. Thanks for the help but it's still not working quite right. Every time I get on the computer I have to sign up again or I can't blog! I don't know what the problem is!

    I received my copy of The Preacher's Daughter. Thank you so much, Cheryl.

    It's going to be a busy weekend for me but I hope to get to it next week. I'm babysitting today and tomorrow is my granddaughters confirmation

    Have a great weekend everyone!