Tuesday, May 08, 2007

first garden pic of the year: columbine

Did I mention it's monsoon season in Nebraska? The grass is ankle deep because there hasn't been a day dry enough to mow. I think this is the day!

The sun crept out a little before seven last evening, so I hurried out with my camera to get a snap of the one bed I had completed near the front steps. The late frost took all my daffodils and hyacinths, so I was concerned for the columbine, one of my faves. But it looks lovely, doesn't it?

Last week one morning I went out and mixed up my special dirt recipe in a wooden frame Jay made for me. I started filling in beds, turning over the old mulch and dirt. I planted various colors of morning glories that will grow up the front corner near the garage. The rain has been good for seeds, but now we need sun!

Here's a robin in my front yard on an overcast afternoon.


  1. I love the flowers Cheryl. Isn't the weather something. Last Friday it snowed all morning and today it is 89! You certainly have a green thumb. Keep sending the pics, I'm living my gardening life vicariously through you. LOL

  2. Betsy, that is a good turn of the phrase; ditto since I don't garden.

    Purple is my favorite color & the trike is quaint. A neighbor has an old schwin bike; puts a witch on it at Halloween.