Sunday, May 27, 2007

Catch and Release

This movie didn't get good reviews. I usually enjoy movies the critic don't like and can't get through those that get raves reviews and win Oscars. Ge figure. Gray Wheeler’s (Jennifer Garner) wedding day is not going as planned. Instead of walking down the aisle in her wedding gown, she is at the funeral of her fiancĂ©, Grady, following his accidental death on a trip meant to be his bachelor party. To make ends meet, Gray puts her things in storage and moves in with Grady’s roommates, levelheaded and attentive Dennis (Sam Jaeger) and quirky yet lovable Sam (Kevin Smith). With childhood friend Fritz (Timothy Olyphant) in from L.A. and crashing on the couch, it’s a full house. Inhabiting Grady’s old room, Gray soon learns that her fiancĂ© had been keeping some big secrets from her and may not have been the man she thought he was. Perhaps more importantly, she discovers some surprising things about herself, and her ability to heal and love again.

Each of the characters in this film has to find a way to survive the devastating loss of a man who held them all together. Garner effectively conveys Gray’s heartbreak and confusion without going over the top. As Fritz, Olyphant pulls off the role of the mystery man who is always charming but often misunderstood. Jaeger is earnest and heartfelt as Grady’s roommate and business partner. But Smith is the scene-stealer here, with deadpan delivery and great timing as a Celestial Seasonings employee spouting philosophical quotes from the herbal tea company’s packaging. Juliette Lewis appears as a sexy, slightly flaky, Californian massage therapist who is also a skeleton in Grady’s closet.

Jennifer Garner was pregnant while making this movie. I didn't NOT like the flick, but it wasnt all feel good. Obviously, the subject of grief and betrayal are difficult to deal with, but it does have light moments.

FYI: It was 100 times better than the depressing Pursuit of Happyness everyone loved. That movie was just plain awful.


  1. I am like you-I usually like the movies the critics don't. And I can't tell you how many times I have been in a theatre and really laughed at the movie and I was the only one laughing!
    Seems like people don't like a movie that doesn't blow something up in the first couple of minutes.

  2. Hi, Joye!
    Those that start with an action scene like that are generally plot driven movies. There are very few of those I like. I have to care about the people before I care that someone is chasing them or someone is dead or blown up. I like a character driven story -- movie or book.

  3. I generally don't listen to the critics anymore....I only go to the movie theater now when I really really want to see the movie on the big screen. Otherwise, I'll wait to see them on DVD.

    I would have missed some really great films had I listened to the critics!! By the way, who pays these critics??

  4. The first movie I've seen is years is Fracture with Anthony Hopkins and that was only because my children took me on Mother's Day. I enjoyed it a lot. I do watch old movies on tv. Anything with Goldie Hawn is always good.