Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wednesday Winner!

Today I'm giving one of you a whole packet of covers and bookmarks, as well as the LAST TWO original, first-edition, collectable (boy these sound good, don't they?) bookmarks from my first two books, RAIN SHADOW & HEAVEN CAN WAIT. autographed fan, bearing the signatures of several authors, including myself, Victoria Alexander, Jo Beverly, Kathleen Eagle & Elizabeth Grayson. How cool is that?

And the winner is.....

LuckyLou! Whoo hoo!

Lou, send me your address at and I'll mail out your goodies ASAP. Of course you'll get a sparkly pen, too!


  1. WOW! LUCKY Lou what a great prize!!! Congrats!!!

  2. Congratulations Lou! That fan is really cool. I've seen a lot of promo stuff but never that. Wow.

  3. That is a cool fan! Lots of great authors too!

  4. Well, blow me over! The fan is the BOMB! I've met Victoria A & have 6 of her books signed, plus 2 more.
    I LOVE Jo Beverly and plan to get all her books, have 6 or more, none signed so this is a GOOD start. I have some K. Eagle I haven't read yet. It's good to be exposed to other authors so will check out the rest. Cheryl signed both books last Nov so now have matching bookmarks, but CSJ probably didn't know I have a Rain Shadow bookmark, UNsigned if you ever need one. I share the collecting bug (aka as addiction) with Cheryl & I like promotional items a lot,useful things like pens, measuring spoons/cups, key chains, etc, etc. Have a medium round box full.

  5. Cheryl, MANY thanks, pkg arrived Sat; I'm even keeping the envelop/cute flowery circle around my adrs! The VARIETY was unexpected, some new-to-me authors to look up, especially Deborah Raney (Over the Water)and Jane Porter (The Frog Prince.) The BIG Bonanza--a signed Julia Quinn bookcover!!! Christina Dodd is another MAJOR favorite. Cheryl, all you authors must get writer's cramp! My cup runneth over!! Have a family fan somewhere, will have to find it to start a collection like my sister Lisa. I have signed "Lies & Shadows" by local Heartland author Pam Hart, just not met yet. So bookmarks are all nestled in their respective books and the rest are just waiting to meet their match! LOL Thanks again for your generosity! ( Counted nine "!" to express my excitement, pleasure & gratitude.)

  6. Your excitement blessed me, Lou! You're most welcome. I'm LOW on goodies since I ddn't go to national this year, but mayhap I'll pick up some more. These make popular giveaways.

    I have that same book, Lou. Pam Hart is no longer writing, as far as I know. We critiqued together when I first joined the local writers group and she was instrumental in my early writing development. I have fond memories of the road trips we took together.

    I heard from Brenda that she got her package and was delighted with her gifts.