Thursday, August 24, 2006


I stopped in the breadstore this morning for Elijah's snowballs and my loaves of Healthy Choice 7 Grain and there were four city firefighters going store to store double checking contact numbers, etc. with the employees. The left adead of me as I checked out and the lady who rang up my stuff watched them go with a wistful expression. "They could stay all day," she said with a little grin.

I suggested she may have to crank up the air conditioning in the building.

What is it with firefighters? What ARE the true requirements? Are there checkboxes on the application form that read "HOTTIE" and "SUPER FINE?" If a guy can't check those, sorry, he's doomed to work elsewhere.

Having worked customer service in the past I know from first hand experience that all the girls in the backrooms phone each other and run to gawk when the firemen are doing their grocery shopping.

Tip: Firefighters are the best source for directions when you're lost. They do push-ups until they know the hundred block of every city street. Talk is they cook pretty well, too.


  1. Have you ever written a firefighter hero Cheryl?

  2. That's what I'm saying. Next stop....firefighter story. You could probably hit mom and dad up for firefighter lingo and protocol. *wink wink hint hint*

  3. Never have. Will have to think about that.

  4. My closest friend's husband is a volunteer firefighter. He is a GREAT cook and I adore his beard & mustache. He is a hunk, even at 55 and a good Christian family man & husband. Check out Earl W Emerson's mystery novels; He is a Seattle firefighter who created Thomas Black, police detective, (9 novels) then switched to his area of expertise with 5 novels about Mac Fontana, all set in WA. WONDERFUL, gritty & authentic. I met him in '92, have 3 signed, 2 more & read all the library has. His photo reminds me of Mark Harmon, be still my heart!!

  5. And generally they look good the world over...

    Once I was coming down from Great Gable, feeling very tired and coming up was the Mountain Rescue squad, you would have had to have been dead not to appreciate their form...

  6. Crikey! I think firemen are hot. Hee. No pun intended. The picture you have is exactly the guy I want. Can you get him for me for X-mas, Cheryl? I always seem to find men who can cook. That's a major bonus in my book. Poet...
    I remember yelling at firetrucks. "Wooo, I have a fire that need's puttin' out" I am a naughty girl eh, Cheryl? Yes, you must write a story with a fireman hero.