Thursday, May 26, 2011

American Idol Finale Recap

If you're an Idol fan, here are my comments about last night's finale.

I am clueless, because I didn't know Jack Black sang! He was perfect to pair with Casey.

The "They still have Similac on their breath" comment slayed me.

Scotty sang Tim McGraw's song better than Tim McGraw. (Sorry TMG fans.)

Gaga was bizarre as expected, and a tad inappropriate at the end. Fun to see Mark NeverRemeberHisLast Name from SYTYCD paired with her. What a boon to his career! She has replaced Oprah as the most influential woman in business. Say what you will about her freakiness, but everyone thought Elton John was a freak in garish costumes, too, and he's written some of the best music of our time, and scores for movies. That's genius. I think she has it too. Remember when we thought Madonna was as tacky as it got?

I like a lot of Beyonce's music - Single Ladies rocks. But that one she sang last night, the slow one? When it started I said to Kristin, "Is this going to get better?" thinking the tempo would pick up and it would actually have a melody. And that's her favorite song. hmmm  Just because she gets to say make love to me a hundred times maybe?

Gladys Knight is always cool! And still so pretty.

LOVED watching Stephen and hearing him sing a fave. I need an Aerosmith album. 

Jenn was fun, and of course we were all waiting for her to show up since she wasn't in her judges' chair. 

Good thing I was sitting down when Tom Jones came out. Almost as shocking as seeing Neil Sedaka the week before. We knew Tony Bennett was old.

You know, I realized last night that I really got tired of Haley. She could have stayed out of the performances and I'd have been happy. Saw on E that she was waiting in the wings to replace Lauren the night Lauren had vocal chord strain. So glad that didn't happen. Haley's face when she was eliminated was to die for. Like, "What? It's not me staying? How can that be? She's staying? Are you sure? I want a recount."

I'm happy for Scotty, and Lauren will have a great career. As will James, my season favorite. 

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